My Personal Superhero

As long as I’ve known Coolidge, Batman has always been his favourite superhero. Even when I featured the character as part of my Super Sunday series, he seemed to like my rendition of the superhero I grew up with.

Back in vanilla, there was a particular incident in LBRS (you know, the bit at the start when you jump down onto the ramp to avoid killing some mobs), I was eating dinner while trying to play so I used one finger to jump down but happened to fall through the hole where the ramp is. I yelled SHIT as I ended up falling out of the instance and into the group of orcs below. At the time I wasn’t sure where I was as the others told me to just come back to where they were but the problem was, I wasn’t sure exactly where that was to know where to go from there.

Being the good hunter that I was, I feigned… little did I realise Huga (Cool’s resto druid) had jumped down after me and started healing me. I was so surprised by what he did, it took me a second to react… you see, I was still feigned on the ground while poor Huga was getting all the healing aggro. So I put my fork down, re-summoned my pet and then promptly killed them all, with Huga keeping us up. It was such a sweet gesture and something I still remember after seven years.

I also know in real life he would do the same if I were in trouble so I really wanted to design my own version of Cool as the hero that he loves. Keep in mind that I’ve incorporated some of his features – which is pretty much how his human paladin looked once upon a time.



I tried a lot of variations with his set (not all can be seen here) but the top image was actually pieced together from four different armour shots.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my own personal superhero.

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