My Grub Has Bite

A while ago, I was doing Terrace LFR and saw this frigging huge grub in the raid. A little after that, while checking out the AH, I saw another one. I had asked both hunters where they came from but I didn’t get an answer – although the guy in the AH was AFK. The first time I saw anything about this pet was on Kalliope’s blog. Sometime later, I saw Euphy’s post on the green version from Silithus which Tome and Matty both tamed.

Last night, I finally logged onto my Hunter to tame this colourful beast. All you need to do is head to the Dread Wastes and attack one of the infected wildlife. You may recall the daily where you need to do this but the daily isn’t required to get the Amber Parasites to spawn. In my case, I had to get the moths health very low before anything happened.

Amber Parasite

Be aware that you need to have a BM spec due to their exotic nature and will need to tame this guy before 5.2 hits as they will soon be untameable.

A Change of Command

After picking up the quest yesterday, we decided to go ahead and try A Change of Command after all (although it helps when you’re in the correct building, right Cool?) :P

For a 93 elite, High Marshal Twinbraid is really just an endurance fight. As ranged, all I had to do was find a sweet spot between the sticks of dynamite placed in strategic parts of the room. It also took a while for him to set off all the explosives but even then, I didn’t really have to move at all.


Cool tanked and spanked most of his Cannonball Spins after we discovered they didn’t really do much damage but boy, his Chaingun was another story. Unfortunately, neither of these are interruptible but easily avoided, when needed.

After 30mins, we were still going strong getting him to ~50% as our tank/healer combo. That’s when a Shaman suddenly showed up and started DPS’ing the boss. When we got to ~10% (another 15mins later) something awful happened. Coolidge died resulting in me tanking the boss. Bugger! SO CLOSE!



On the second attempt, the Shaman asked if we wanted him to heal, Cool thought this was a good idea so we tried the fight again. Sure it would have taken longer but his DPS was pretty dodgy. Little did I know Twinbraid had a fourth ability called Sound the Alarm. Cool must have been really good at catching his cast the first time as we didn’t get any adds at all. However, this time we had about 10x 90 elite bodyguards (which were almost dead) when Cool had died again. We didn’t get to make much of a dent in him that time.

They say third time’s the charm right? I decided to DPS while the Shammie healed… eek, green gear! :P I must say, it was a lot faster with this combination though and he was dead in 15mins. Woot!


All up it took us 1hr to complete the quest but as we’ve shown, it is doable with three and I’m sure we could have done it, just the two of us, if it turned out that way. A big thanks to Sayberr for his help.

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