Does It Exist?

Does It Exist?

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’d know that I’ve been trying to get the mace – Kri’tak, Imperial Scepter of the Swarm from Grand Empress Shek’zeer in Heart of Fear. Having killed her again just yesterday, I was wondering how many times she’s fallen at my feet. According to my statistics tab, it’s 16 times so I’m beginning to think it doesn’t even exist any more. Well, that and the Love Rocket… and Darkmoon Eye.

Maybe my luck will change next week. I’d love to save my extra rolls for something else, especially with the patch coming… please.


I also seem to have the worst luck when it comes to farming things too, especially when I attempt to surprise people with gifts and created items; it never really comes to fruition due to RNG or just bad luck.

Yes, I know it’s the thought that counts but it’s not much consolation when half the time people don’t even realise the effort I put into things if there’s nothing tangible to show for it… but the few times it does, it means the world to me when I see it reflected in a post or comment.

Know Your Role

Know Your Role

By far, the hardest part of this achievement (at least for me) was the Uruk! requirement since you had to finish the right set of pre-requisite dailies to even know if he was the right end quest.

Protector Yi

So a big thank you goes to Coolidge for being the brawn, while I was able to hand in the quests safely above.

Know Your Role

Day 1 – Pet Battles

Day 1 – Pet Battles

As part of Navi’s Ten Days of Pet Battles, I wasn’t sure if I had anything new to contribute since a lot of it is already on the blog but it’s always nice to reminisce about the things you love, so here goes.

It’s been seven months since I first wrote about Pet Battles. My first beta post on the subject described my initial experiences with it since I didn’t learn the skill until it was reactivated for beta players. But it wasn’t long before the post morphed into the Pet Battle Guide you see today. So having the ability to see my very first revision of the post, you can read what it was really like for me (with added notes in italics).

Day 1:  Your first day pet battling.

Things are quite buggy on the beta right now.

  • Missing pets – not all pets were available through the character transfer. I ended up transferring Cymre over four times over the course of the beta.
  • Dead pets on challenge - This was one of the most aggravating bugs since you would start a battle and all your pets, inc. enemy pets would be dead as soon as you entered – like watching a mass suicide over and over. This was particularly annoying at the time as I was trying to capture a cheetah cub which was really hard to come by.
  • Pets phasing in and out - passing through the threshold of zones between Mulgore and Barrens thanks to CRZ’s.
  • Flagging when you change zones or go into same faction territory – At the time I thought it was odd as I would flag passing into Thunder Bluff.

I was excited the morning after the new patch, even though it was ~19GB of download goodness. I asked on Twitter if the Battle System still needed L90 to test and was told you only needed to be L5. Woot! I couldn’t wait for my DL to finish so I could test it.

I remember getting a kick out of seeing the name of the Trainer in Org. Even Matty couldn’t resist having a look when she noticed a spike in traffic.

So I headed outside the gates of Orgrimmar to find the first paw I could battle. I was so excited when I saw this little guy (although he was labelled a Creepy Crawly beforehand).

I mean, when do we ever get to see Harvesters in Horde zones? It brought be back to my early playing days, running around Westfall on my Night Elf/Human, so this was an unexpected surprise. I was so excited, I was just hoping I didn’t kill it from my choice of pets. Luckily I didn’t.

So this was the makeup of my original team. As you can see, I really only used my corehound as he was such a beast and demolished any opponent I went up against, including tamer pets.

I had such a blast that day, I couldn’t resist mentioning my first moonkin hatchling battle – I almost died laughing in my chair.

If you get a chance, battle your moonkin hatchling with a rat (or anything with stampede). It was the cutest thing, I couldn’t stop laughing. Stampede causes the moonkin to spin around (as it flaps its wings) which was adorable.

And from there, I was hooked.

Red and Blue

Red and Blue

It can be an expensive task power-levelling a profession on a faction with limited resources. I’m so used to having pretty much anything at my disposal on my main faction/server but when I recently dropped one profession for another (on Alliance), I slowly worked on getting my enchanting back to where it was and more.

Yesterday, I spent a while farming up infinite dust having run out of funds and looking for where to go. In the end, I headed over to Dalaran to run-through the three ICC dungeons (having not done them on my level 88 priest). This gave me enough materials to get from 369 to 390 enchanting for Abyssal Shatter. If you’re lucky, shattering the Abyss Crystals will give you 10x Infinite Dust (or between 2-6x Greater Cosmic Essence) each time.

With the materials on hand, I was able to level up to 417 without having to buy any extra materials (except recipes from the trainer) which isn’t bad for an extra 48 skill points.

At the moment, I’m stuck on Hypnotic Dust, so I’ve been farming in Deepholm for the cloth and greens. Unfortunately, this has netted me more Lesser Celestial Essence from making the Deathsilk Bracers rather than dust. On another note, I looted two lockboxes which I’ve been having trouble opening after my lack of proficiency after dropping BS’ing. Two did try… a 40 something rogue who was too low and Veluxia on her lock. Turns out the explosives were too low as well. Sadly, I did still possess a key for someone to use (from levelling up my BS’ing) but that didn’t pan out either.

The other day I was meaning to take a pic with Veluxia after running into her at the AH but I only thought of it after the fact. So today, I took the opportunity to fix that. However, there was one thing bugging me big time – my unmogged set! Urg, questing and dungeon gear just wasn’t cutting it so I headed to the transmogrifier and loaded up my items to mog but… I had no gold. How embarrassing. :P

Levelling two professions was taking everything out of me. Luckily for me, Vel knew my predicament and offered to give me some Gold, allowing me to mog my set after all. <3


I liked how we both sported sets using a different predominant colour, although being a Horde player I was sporting blue and Vel was sporting red as Alliance.


Look at that! A Grand Marshal title. You can’t see it but I always sport my Lieutenant Commander title which is the highest title I achieved before they removed them from the game.

From there we started talking about being Disc priests, pet battling, PVP battles and stones (or lack thereof) before I headed off to do my dailies on Horde.


So thx for the chat and loan Veluxia, it’s always nice to find someone who has so many similar interests, even though I’m not so dedicated in my pet levelling and PVP battles. :P

Popcorn Anyone?

Popcorn Anyone?

I don’t remember ever hearing about this when I was in Northrend but did you know that bags of popcorn and peanuts exist in the game? If not, head to the Ampitheater of Anguish in Zul’Drak, to locate the Amphitheater Vendor who sells various snacks. Once you are close to him (and grounded), send him a /wave to get a Bag of Popcorn, Bag of Peanuts, and even some Anguish Ale.

Bag of Peanuts

He won’t throw you something every time but it will be one of the three items. I managed to get two of the snacks even though I was only interested in the popcorn. So the next time you’re watching something interesting in-game, why not stock up on some conjured snacks and enjoy the show.

munching on popcorn

Apparently there’s a female snacks vendor too who does the same thing.

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