Epic Pet Battle?

Epic Pet Battle?

I’ve been known to stay at one Tamer location for a long time, especially when I’m power levelling a pet. So it’s not unusual that on occasion I will be locked in battle with with a pet or team as the rounds surpass 20 or 30 (although that’s more likely in a regular wild battle).

Take today for instance. I was in the process of trying to level several combinations of pets when I decided to use my uncommon level 22 Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling as the booster pet. After a couple of close attempts, it was only until my dragonling was was the last pet standing (or should I say flying) together with Hyuna’s turtle that I thought about epic battles and secret achievements.

WoWHead has these secret achievements which can be unlocked – but you won’t know the criteria for it until you’ve earned it. Pretty tricky, huh? So as my battle went past 50 rounds (:P), I thought it would be cool if we had achievements to reflect the length or difficulty of a battle – but it would have to be continuous active moves and no passing.

Epic Pet Battle-94

94 Rounds!!

Call it perseverance or stubbornness but I was somewhat curious to see how long it could go for. Towards the end, I was determined to get a win as my other two pets were dead and this was my levelling pet so I kept going until I was victorious. Turns out my dragon’s decoy ability worked like a charm, esp. when the turtle wanted to headbutt his opponent.

Well, it may be just a pipe dream but it was a nice thought while it lasted… after this particular battle though I only had some treats and a tattered collar to show for it.

In Other Pet News

  • The issue with mech and undead not proccing their rez is a known bug and we plan to fix it in 5.2.0 (Source)
  • We made a dramatic reduction to the respawn timer on the Scourged Whelpings in 5.2.0 (Source)
  • No changes to the Minfernal, we are happy with it’s capture rate. Scourged whelp was way off, its similar to Minfernal now. (Source)
  • An Elite pet will give standard XP but their daily quest has a much higher chance to drop a rare battle-stone. (Source)
  • Spirit tamers give a massive multiplier to XP on their dailies already, so no need for the battle-stones to be included in bags. (Source)
  • Plan is to have bonus rolls work for raid boss pets. Currently 2 of those and one pet on raid trash. Current plan is that they will drop as normal loot and on bonus rolls. Stunted Direhorn is not 5.2 anymore, most likely 5.3 at this point. We have a cool replacement though! Shooting for a custom model in 5.3.0 (Source)
  • Holding off on Epic Battle-Stones a bit longer still. They will come along with epic pets at the same time most likely. (Source)
  • The new raid pets are in all difficulties, including LFR. (Source) Fan-bloody-tastic! :)


Brawler’s Guild

Brawler’s Guild

A while ago, Cool managed to farm his Blood-Soaked Invitation from one of the Alliance rares in Krasarang Wilds. After reaching Rank 7, he gave me his Brawler’s Pass so I could start fighting my way to Rank 4 – but not before earning me The First Rule of Brawler’s Guild.

However, I was feeling some trepidation about doing the fights. Having seen Coolidge and others doing some of them earlier, it seemed easy enough but being more of a healer than a shadow priest, I had my doubts about getting past the first fight, especially in front of an audience.

As Cool progressed through his ranks, I managed to get I’m Your Number One Fan and Bottle Service done.

So today I took the plunge and queued for the very first time. It’s no surprise that these are aimed at DPSers as it seems like a good way to test your situational skills and reaction times but I was intrigued about trying the first fight as Discipline. It didn’t end too well so I switched to Shadow and queued again.

Rank 1


I must say the fight went a lot better earning me the achievement – You Are Not Your $#*@! Legplates.

Bruce: All I had to do was sidestep to avoid his Chomp.

Vian the Volatile: A mogu who shoots fireballs and casts Fire Line which is easy to dodge.

Goredome: I couldn’t believe how easy this one was with his charge really easy to avoid.

Dungeon Master Vishas: One of my all-time favourite vanilla bosses, I just kept my dots up and ran when he cast Heated Pokers on himself.

Honestly, Rank 1 turned out to be a bit of a blur as I pretty much one-shot the bosses except for my false start on Bruce.

Rank 2


Dippy:  I heard this penguin was a bit of a tough one but I just kept dots on him and pretty much stayed on the move to avoid his Peck ability.


Kirrawk: I needed a practice run on this one but as long as I kept him between his Twisters and me, it was an easy fight – otherwise you’ll be knocked in the air and likely die from his Lightning Flurry (unless you heal/disperse). This fight made me squeal A LOT!

Fran and Riddoh: I gave this one a couple of tries opting to kill Riddoh first but his bomb damage got me in the end.

Not bad for a first day, if I don’t say so myself. All-in-all, these were a lot more enjoyable than I’d expected. Thx to Cool for being my constant cheerleader and supporter – letting me know what to expect for each fight beforehand – I think I need to mog a cheerleader set for him. Now I just need to get past this one and the next five so I can get my Clock’em pet :)

Lil’ Tarecgosa

Lil’ Tarecgosa

It’s no surprise that I’ve coveted this little cutie ever since I saw her so when I recently added her to my Ultimate Wish List, my fellow blogging friend Lyss made the generous offer to make this possible. We never got to finish our staff in MischiefUs as we started in FL quite late in the expansion so as a newly formed Guild, the pet was always out of my reach. Even as a healer, I managed to start the chain eventually and I can’t tell you how satisfying it was to complete the Nexus part of the legendary.

As soon as Lyss made the suggestion, I told her how much I would love the chance to knock one of my most wanted pets off the list. So I created a character on their server and waited for a Guild invite. It wasn’t long before I was on my way, questing through the starting area and into Silvermoon City to try to buy the Guild Tabard. But Doh, I had to wait until honoured for that.

A funny thing happened before I left the starting area though, I had a whisper asking “where did you get that [Anubisath Idol]?” When I responded “from the raid in AQ40″ they asked if I could take them there. I politely said “no” and continued on my way.

Before I left the initial area, Lyss was kind enough to send me some bags and Gold with Arv sending me some more money later to buy the tabard as soon as I hit honoured. The few Guildies I talked to were friendly enough as I’d conversed with them before – Lyss, Slice and Rep – although Rep did a double-take when I responded in chat…

Repgrind chat

…that is until Arv got on asking “who invited the fail priest?” Psh! Then the next day, Slice gave me a rather ‘wet’ welcome… hehe

Boy, I’d forgotten how slow it was to level up a toon with no heirlooms on the server but the Guild perk certainly helped some. Other things you just take for granted like the JC necks and rings you can make in the early levels. But probably the most important one of all was my levelling partner. That was later rectified though :)

Southshore slimes

The first time I used Holy Fire, I was wondering why the cast was so slow. Oh yeah, it’s only instant with the glyph… eek. Running around those first 20 levels was a real pain so as soon I hit level 20, I headed straight to the riding trainer. It was great to get my Swift White Hawkstrider out again :)

Swift White Hawkstrider

As with other US Guilds I’ve been a part of, my accent was quite a hit on Vent so I suggested if Sorak wanted to hear my accent more, he could listen to my Twisted Nether interview :P

I was so sure that I’d have the rep in one day, remembering when Cool managed to get exalted with our Guild in 21 levels. The advantage of just being able to send the tabard from toon-to-toon. A couple of days later at level 21, I had just reached revered.

From there, I had to wait until Cool caught up as I knew he would like the pet as well. Oh, the wait!!

Quest NPC

I have to say I was tempted to do a few pet battles when I saw some uncommons in my journal. I did a few when Cool wasn’t looking though but cancelled when I saw they weren’t upgrades. It was a bit more nerve-wracking being on a PVP server though – LOL!

Today we both managed to finish our rep grinds, getting exalted with the Guild. Whoo hoo! All we had to do now was find the Guild vendor in Undercity. Thanks again to Arv for sending us both the funds for our Lil’ Tarecgosa pets a day earlier. <3

Lil Teracgosa

Tarecgosa with Lyss and Arv

What can I say other than Thank You so much to my friends at Shadow Rising for my awesome new pet. I don’t think you’ll ever know how much this means to me. As a token of my appreciation, I left some gifts with a few in SR.

Lyss – Pandaren Water Spirit (and the Pandaren Fire Spirit – see below)
Slice – Pandaren Water Spirit
Arv – Pandaren Fire Spirit  – I knew Arv had one but I wanted to give him something anyway. He in turn decided to give it to Lyss.

Lil Tarecgosa

Here she is at level 25 :D

Farming Titbits

Farming Titbits

This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned my crops and healing, although it’s quite melodic when you shoot your cascade out and you’re met with this spectacular show of holyworks!

Cascade crops

The farm is alive with the sound of ping, ping, ping
With songs they have sung for a thousand harvests

Aegis Portal

Then there’s the unintended consequence of your portal shard when clearing the vermin from your ranch.

Now I can’t remember where I saw this but it was discovered that you could levitate your crops like some sort of neat magic trick. Notice that it works for Tilled Soil.

Tilled Soil

On the other hand, it didn’t work for the Occupied Soil. Can you imagine levitating the soil to reveal the annoying little piece of shit vermin underneath? Aha, I’ve got you! I can see their little brains thinking WTF? At least with the changes coming in 5.2, we’ll be able to use out Master Plows to knock their health down to 30%.

Occupied Soil

But for all you farming enthusiasts out there, have you tried the Farmhand addon? It’s a nifty addition which makes finding those seeds, etc. in your bags a breeze.

As soon as you enter the phased area of your farmstead, you’ll see a new set of buttons on the screen. They will of course, only show what you have in your bags at the time and will update accordingly. This is especially handy if you’re still working on your reputation with the faction as you’re more likely to have an abundance of different seeds – as well as the watering can, shovel and bug sprayer.

Farmhand crops

It will even scan your crops to tell you which are problematic – adding a raid icon over each one that needs attention.

I must say that even though I’ve been exalted with The Tillers for a long time now, this dynamic little helper is well worth a try.

Happy harvesting!

…and I can’t tell you how happy I will be when I can buy the deed to Yoon’s farm – as well as my homestead turning into my own personal inn. Patch 5.2 can’t come soon enough. :D

Staff of the Hidden Master x5

Staff of the Hidden Master x5

As one of the many Lost Treasures hidden around Pandaria, this is an interesting item as it has five different spawn spots all within Paoquan Hollow in the north-western part of Valley of the Four Winds. I’ve been lucky enough to spot this item twice. Once on my Hunter while questing in the area and then later on Cymre while pet battling.

Staff in tree

As a rule of thumb, you can only see these items once on each toon (just like the relics used for the Riches of Pandaria) series.


When I saw this second staff, I noticed that Navi was on so I asked if she was interested but she wasn’t sure if she had picked it up already. It turned out she couldn’t see it because she had it already. Shame, since I was hoping to use it as a Winter Veil gift but oh well.

Now if you use some kind of addon that tracks co-ordinates (I use TitanPanel), you can use these to pinpoint the spawn spots.

15.4 29.1 
17.5 35.7 
19.1 37.9 
15.0 33.7 
19.0 42.5

Good luck!

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