The Hazards of Pet Battling

With the introduction of Pet Battles, there’s been a whole new wave of excitement throughout the player base – including serious raiders which I didn’t expect to see. Perhaps I’m regressing back to my childhood a little since Pokémon came out a long time after my DS Game & Watches and the like. In fact, my nephews were big Pokémon players with their Gameboys in hand for a while.

But in playing this new mini-game in WoW, I’ve been thinking… is Pet Battling the new contact sport? I mean, who said Pet Battles weren’t hazardous to your health and I’m not even on a PVP server… although it would certainly be a lot more detrimental if you weren’t max level or supremely geared.

Sure you’ll get the odd “Pet battle area is obstructed” message but what about these scenarios?

Fel Flame battle

Deepholm battle

So the next time you’re battling in search of that elusive spawn or rare, take care out there!

Tip of the Day: If you’re having trouble targeting a battle pet in the wild due to being underground, in a tree or similar, just /tar [insert name here] and keybind something to ‘Interact with target’ under the game menu. You’ll thank me later :)

This also works for NPCs who are underneath a whole group of PVP’ed players (**cough** Moonglade)

Finding Your Center

Those on the beta may remember a quest called the Wisdom of Ages that was really buggy for Horde but was later removed due to phasing issues. Now if I hadn’t started levelling my Draenei, I probably would have never known about this version for the Alliance. The first time I did this back in April of last year, I failed a few times due to the bugginess of the quest. It also made me squeal quite a bit as the slider was not always as responsive as you’d expect.

So levelling through the Jade Forest, we’re asked to meditate with Lorewalker Cho at the Pagoda within the Dreamer’s Pavilion. Come on Blizz, you left this for the Alliance and not the Horde? I admit it was annoying trying to do this at the time but I think a lot of people might have enjoyed it on live – myself included.

Here are the highlights from the Alliance quest:

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After that, we’re shown a cut-scene with Anduin being chased by some Hozen and when told to return home, he MCs Sully and runs off in search of the Vale.

But it wasn’t long before we were collecting all the lost treasures in the Forest and killing any rares we came across. We even went up to the Shrine of Friendship to complete the Restore the Balance achievement. It was only then that I had my first boo-boo. Cool decided to fly off the top of the mountain while I was an innocent passenger in his chopper, encouraging me to eject as soon as we hit mid-air. I was about to hit my levitate when I hit a cliff instead. At least I didn’t die… so I levitated off to ease my fall when Cool told me “don’t levitate off” figuring he would just bubble me to break my fall, right?

Cliff jumping


Apparently there was an issue of “two trees in the way” while he spammed his bubble. Sure, sure :P Perhaps it was a little payback that backfired a couple of months ago…

Brawler’s into Rank 4

OMG! After yesterday, I had a good look at my shadow gear and figured I should fix up all my gems, reforges and enchants (at least the cheap ones) – I even switched my gown which was my old Disc chest as I wanted to see what I could gain from every little tweak. It turns out I gained ~3% haste which should help some.

So with several attempts under my belt, I decided to do a bit of research regarding Ixx, reading a few notes and watching a couple of videos. I noticed one video showed his conal attack from an aerial view which I think helped as it looks like a straight line otherwise. In the end I stood right underneath his hitbox so I wouldn’t have as far to run when he casts it. It worked like a charm because I one-shot him today! Woot! I can’t believe it.

Other than that, there wasn’t anything unusual except for the fact that you can use your execute abilities right off the bat since Ixx starts the fight at 20% health.


Kamalia and Grinder

I had an extra nice surprise when I looked at my friends list and saw that Kamalia was in the Brawler’s Arena too. I was about to PST her asking how hers was going when I noticed she was on a level 1 toon!?!

Wait a minute!

I did a double-take when I saw she was on Dath! She came to watch me fight!! So I whispered her telling her she’d been sprung and told her not to laugh at me since I’m a healer at heart which is how she feels too – this wasn’t our first meeting together though. :)

I’m not quite sure when Kam turned up but she managed to watch my next fight and cheer me on through a couple of attempts at Crush. You can see her above with my gift to her recently :D


Mazhareen – Looks just like one of my favourite rares Loque’nahak who gets stronger when his health gets to ~25%, so I saved my defensive CDs for then.

Beating him meant one thing…


Clock’em, Rock’em, Sock’em!

Woot! I have the pet… although it took me a minute to find the vendor who sold him. Just look for Paul North (the Quartermaster) opposite the portal. I mean, who wouldn’t want a Jeeves look-alike with boxing gloves. As Leyton Hewitt would say “Come On!” He also sells the potions and Brawler’s Razor Claws at Rank 8.

Rank 4


Crush – This yeti is kind of glitchy for ranged as I found out on my first attempt – he charged one of the corners and healed back to full. To avoid this, you’ll need to get in melee range after he’s been stunned to stop that from happening. So as long as you can avoid getting hit by his charge, you’ll probably find it’s the first real DPS check – at least that I’ve noticed.

Thx Kam for my surprise visit. Hope you enjoyed the show :P

Now to level up my newest addition :D

Brawler’s into Rank 3

After my confident start a few days ago, I was pretty eager to give Fran and Riddoh another try. On the first attempt I was really close having killed Riddoh and was a nitch from killing Fran when the fireballs came down. If you’re lucky, the  landmines will be placed around your pet and not you.

On the second attempt, I managed to dot Fran up a bit while whittling down Riddoh completing the challenge pretty close to the wire.


King Kulaka: Fear and tendrils worked well against this King Krush look-a-like, not to mention my speedy bubble when he got too close.

Rank 3

Blat – A combination of fears, tendrils and kiting will get this replicating slime down but I tried to do as much damage right off the bat – before there were too many copies of him. Thankfully you can just focus on the original while kiting them around otherwise they will build up a lot of damage on you very quickly.

Sanoriak – First of all Firewall hurts! So interrupt or run out of it ASAP. As usual, fear works on him so I took advantage of that and my fiend to DPS him quickly.

Ixx – The hardest thing about this is fight is getting caught in his Devastating Thrust (which is his only ability) but considering he casts is so often, you really need to be on your toes for this one. Running through him was still getting me killed so I tried standing right underneath him for less running time. He’s also immune to CC so is my bottleneck boss at the moment.

Two more and I can buy the pet. >.<

2013 WoW TCG Loot Winner

A few weeks ago, WoWTCGLoot made it possible for Wowhead to run their latest contest which included some of the rarest items ever to be given away.

So imagine my surprise when I checked my account this morning to see that I had unlocked the following achievement.

WoWHead winner

To enter the contest, you were asked to answer: What have you been most excited to achieve/acquire in-game?

With an abundance of responses in the 22,089 comments submitted, I knew the judges would have their work cut out for them. In the end, I placed second which is kind of amazing considering how many entries there were.

This was my comment:

There are so many things I’m proud of in-game, some of which are titles like Salty and Relic Hunter. I was also excited to get the Over 9000 achievement pretty early on.

Other game highlights include:

  • Getting my wolf mount on my tauren in vanilla;
  • Being asked to pull the first mobs in AQ20 when the gates first opened;
  • All the limited edition pets I own;
  • My Swift Zulian Tiger;
  • My complete class sets.

I’ve been coveting the Classic and BC Collector’s Edition pets as well as the Ethereal Soul-Trader and Tyrael’s Hilt the most as I’ve been an avid pet collector ever since I started playing.

Reading through the winners announcement post though, there were some remarks about some winners producing poor quality replies, not answering the question or have less than verbose answers.

Perculia responded with the following:

To address concerns that might pop up: this was one of our largest contests ever in the site’s history. After every contest there’s always some disappointment that a user who won hasn’t posted enough, or had a subpar reply, or is secretly a sockpuppet. We’ve moved announcing the winners off newsposts a while back because the debates were detracing from the actual WoW discussion :/

For this contest, we’ve got users who won that wrote paragraphs on their favorite thing, who have tons of site rep, who are relatively new but are active, who signed up for a chance at winning, and who wrote short but meaningful replies. Altogether it’s a varied mix, like you’d expect from a contest of this size.

Congrats to the winners again :)

I can’t say I’m a little disappointed not to win the Grand Prize but at least I won something.

For those curious, here’s the winning comment:

First Yogg25 with 0 Watchers kill, we are told to /rnd 1000 for the Head, I roll a 1000 :)

Now to wait for the winning email…

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