Winter Veil Gifts

I hope everyone had a wonderful Winter Veil this year. As I said before, this turned out to be the most generous gift giving (and receiving) season I’ve had – in the whole time I’ve been playing – so I’d like to thank all the people who had a hand in it.

I also wanted to keep track of who I’d given gifts to this year as I’ll most likely forget by the time this event rolls around again.

Tome - Jade owl

I wanted to give Tome something personal for all her support over the last year. It’s not always easy being the first one to comment on a blog post but she does it more often than not so I thank you.

Matty - Sapphire cub

Again, I felt a personal gift was what I needed (even though Matty was a JC herself) so I looked for something she didn’t have yet. I had even used a battle-stone on it before they hotfixed them all to uncommon.

By now, I had run out of Spirits of Harmony…

To JD (who was so efficient at making the panthers), I thought the Jade Owl and Sapphire Cub were out of the running so I noticed that he didn’t have a Lil Smoky.

In the meantime, I had been trying to get a Gundrak Hatchling (even before Navi‘s birthday) which included some farming and multiple server drop-ins but no luck there. Navi gave me the Burning Spirit I was missing.

For Arv, I saw that I had some spare marks to supplement my Molten Front dailies but no luck on the Searing Scorchling either. Arv gave me another TCG pet.

Angelya scored a Jade Owl (well, it was actually mine – my first one was given to Tome so I ended up remaking her twice). I figured I could just build up some more Spirits over time, which I did. Ang bought me a Guardian Cub as part of my Secret Santa gift

Effy - Aqua strider

As part of Effy‘s #FFW gift, I thought it would make a great Shammy accessory.

Shawndra - Cinder Kitten

For my recent Cinder Kitten giveaway, Shawndra turned out to be the lucky recipient after writing such a playful piece.

Cool - Water spirit

To the person who introduced me to The Last Airbender, Cool’s gift would have to be a Pandaren Spirit, it was just a matter of which. Cool purchased a Cinder Kitten for me as soon as it came out.

Kamalia and Grinder

After Kamalia showed an interest in Pet Battling, I gifted her Grinder.

Others came to mind as potential gift recipients but didn’t quite work out – a few didn’t show the skill for Pet Battling or had lost touch with them since April.

Lastly, thx to Roshii for wishing me a Merry Christmas late that night.

So there you have it, as I said it was a lot tougher in some cases to try and give a suitable gift but at the same time I’d like to thank everyone for their generosity and support over a rough year.

I wish you all good health, happiness and prosperity in the coming year.

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