Mr Bigglesworth

I was so happy to get the Anubisath Idol yesterday that I was hoping to see the Untamed Hatchling and Chrominius to finish off the set. But after my previous runs on multiple toons, I caved and bought the last two from the AH.

Anubisath Idol

Doesn’t he look awesome?

I figured I could make this up by doing dailies, etc… eventually.



Once the achievement popped up I was anxious to see Mr Bigglesworth but was a little curious when the pet wasn’t in the journal. There was no mail icon either but I figured it might just take a bit of time to get to me. In the end, after a couple of pet battles, I used my Revive Battle Pets spell which refreshed the journal and BAM! There was my reward.


Just look at those whiskers

I’m not sure that I could think of a better reward to get for such an achievement so thx Blizzard for allowing us to solo those classic raids.


  1. Grats on your Mr. Bigglesworth! One day he will be mine, just not one day soon, lol!

  2. Grats!

  3. Grats Cym! Mr. Bigglesworth is terribly cute with those frosty whiskers! ^-^

  4. Grats on your kitteh!

  5. Grats! I’m half way there, so hopefully what with being able to run the instances on multiple characters over the Christmas holidays I won’t be too far behind.

    The whiskers are definitely the best bit.

    • Thx everyone. I might need to start levelling him up very soon :)

      Good luck on all your farming runs Erinys and Tome. I agree Euphy.

  6. Gratz on all your awesome new pets!


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