After getting the third pet I needed in AQ today, I headed into BWL to try and get the last two remaining for Raiding with Leashes. It was pretty uneventful going in on our Hunter and Druid but boy was it a different story on our Mage and Lock. First off, we weren’t attuned for BWL so we fixed that quick smart. Turns out we’d never cleared UBRS either.

Once we headed into BWL, I wasn’t expecting this…

Vaelastrasz the Corrupt

Cool carked it about a second after he rezed me, luckily he soulstoned himself before the fight.

On Broodlord our pets kept doing silly stuff. At one stage Cool couldn’t find his minion but then realised that he was still fighting whelps on the first level while we were upstairs. After we started on the boss, Cool was getting ping-ponged across the floor when my elemental was glitched on the wall so his health reset. Once I had resummoned him, it took about a minute before Cool asked where the boss was. LOL! It seems his demon was bounced onto the level below and guess who followed suit?

But that was shortly forgotten when I saw this…

Ringo boots

Really? Ringo, you’ve got some explainin’ to do.

Out of all the times I went to BWL on Cymre to try and get Ringo’s Blizzard Boots and they drop not once but twice off the same group of mobs…

Adopt a Cinder Kitten

Adopt a Cinder Kitten

As Winter Veil begins for another year, I will be giving away one fiery little Cinder Kitten to a lucky reader over the next few days. All you have to do is add a creative comment under the post. The winner will be selected on Christmas Eve so you have until then to enter.

Cinder Kitten

Only US servers are eligible, sorry EU readers.

The code will be emailed to the winning recipient so please make sure your email details are valid before posting.

Bonus point if you’re a new commenter and have a Gravatar image (**cough** Slice).

Good Luck!

Edit: Congratulations to Shawndra for a great entry.

Lump of Coal

Lump of Coal

So it may have taken a year to get this but as soon as Winter Veil started, I headed back to Org to see what was new for 2012. I picked up the usual quests to try and get a jump-start on the Stolen Present reward. As you’d expect, the Abominable Greench has been retuned for level 90s but his mechanics appear to be the same as last year.

When I handed in the quest, I lightly held my breath in anticipation. I GOT A LUMP OF COAL! :D

A much happier response than Charlie Brown (if you know the reference). ;P


Welcome to the family Lumpy. :D

Angel Cookies

Angel Cookies

Yesterday I received my package from my #WoWSecretSanta. I must say that I wasn’t expecting such a big package but it wasn’t heavy so I was wondering what it could be. The front was labelled FRAGILE and when I turned it over it read Don’t wait until Christmas to open me!

Aha! It’s edible :P

So when I arrived home I eagerly opened my package to find a lovely card and another gift-wrapped package inside. I opened it thinking that it might be some sort of home-made treat and I was right!

My first response was this:

At the same time, I was on a call with Coolidge who said he wanted to see a picture of the cookies. Let’s just say he was jealous of what he saw but I wanted to take some pics and see what all the designs were. One by one I carefully took them out placing the whole ones in the middle. It was almost like piecing together some abstract art with the smaller pieces :P

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Unfortunately, the Australian Postal Service are not always careful with packages that say Fragile – at least when they are in the larger PO Bags – but I still managed to see some intact cookies. Just look at the pet themed designs! I couldn’t help but start munching on the bits and pieces and just look at all those yummy flavours… well, just take my word for it.

This is how they looked fresh from the oven:

Pet Battle cookies

The complete set of Pet Battle cookies

Don’t they look absolutely fantastic? Now I can say, oh I was eating the middle of the mechanical biccie last night… :P

But that wasn’t all. I also received a little something from the Blizzard Store. If the cookies weren’t enough, I had a new pet to play with too!

Guardian Cub

So thank you Angelya for signing your card so I could thank you straight away. I’ll try and savour these as long as I can but I suspect they won’t last long. :D

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