Shadow More or Less

During our Heroic today, we decided to go in as DPS for a change. All was going quite well in Stormstout Brewery until we killed the last boss and Cool said “you let the other ret pali beat you on DPS with a green weapon?” At that moment I decided to open my character tab as I remembered something that I noticed this morning – on armory I still had my dagger on (with no off-hand) from yesterday’s Viscidus fight. Whoops.

Although I was doing a lot of Pet Battling last night so guess what else I had on?

I laughed and told Coolidge to inspect me. I said “yeah, look at what two items I have on.” He picked up my hat and weapon correctly but I wasn’t expecting a third. LOL.

Shadow - non-items

Transportation items are the best aren’t they?

Oh well, we did head to Naxx afterwards and completed the set by getting the drop from Maexxna.

Giant Bone Spider

I’ll be seeing you soon Mr. Bigglesworth.

On another note, I’m about three days away from making bigger bags. Woot! But for all the players out there who can relate to my lack of space problems, pls help me prove to Coolidge that it’s a widespread problem and not just mine… :P

Three Times Lucky

Ok, maybe I should do a wishlist more often. When I defeated the third Spirit Tamer today, I found the Pandaren Air Spirit in my reward bag. Then when I logged onto my mage to create my Imperial Silk, the Imperial Moth was inside the cocoon. I couldn’t believe it. Two pets I’ve been trying to get!

Pandaren Air Spirit

Imperial Moth

Some time later, after our short round of Dominance Offensive dailies, Cool and I headed into AQ40 to see if we could get some transmog items and the two remaining pets that I needed. First boss down and another pet drops. EEE! OMG! Three pets in one day!

Mini Mindslayer

So with some extra time for one more thing, we headed down to OS for the Black Drake mount.

Black Drake

What an unbelievable day!

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