Solo Drama

Over the past week I’ve spent quite a bit of time soloing the four classic raids introduced in the latest patch for pet farming. On Wednesday, I went in on my priest to see how many I could add to my collection. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get any from the six I killed so I ended up caving in the next day and buying the Ashtone Core from the AH as I didn’t think I would be seeing one any time soon.

I had killed the two in AQ40 pretty easily but when it came to Viscidus, I had problems shattering him in time. After several attempts I gave up and left. Then in BWL, I gave one attempt to Razorgore but left after that attempt when I became overrun with adds between MC’ing. In Naxx, after killing Maexxna, I made the error of not clearing the room before trying Patchwerk so it didn’t end well. A few days later, I went into AQ with my hunter to see if I could do Viscidus but without any frost damage to melee, I didn’t get any further than my priest. The twins also gave me issues with my sub-par gear. It’s seemed so easy on my priest a few days before.

Blood moon

Tonight I headed back into AQ on my mage (after the hotfixes) thinking it would be easier at least for Viscidus but forgot about having a fast dagger, etc in my bag for the freezing bit. After realising my mistake, I reset the boss and had a good look in my bag and Guild bank – there was nothing. Then a spark of hope appeared when I thought about a possible vendor option. Never underestimate the power of your Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth. I bought the simple dagger from one of the vendors and tried again. Unfortunately, even with Time Warp, I only managed to get 18 hits before he unfroze.

As the time inched closer to server shutdown, I hopped back onto my hunter to try the Viscidus fight again; but not before I had a couple of fast weapons handy. So I enchanted my two vendor bought daggers with Elemental Force before I tried again. Woot! I was able to kill him finally! But best of all he dropped the pet! Hurray for my first pet drop from AQ :D

Viscidus solo

I really need to get some better gear on my hunter and mage to make it more painless next week.

In other good news, I managed to get a rare crow from the Faire in the few minutes before shutdown :D

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and all things pets. You may know me as Cymre Brightblade. Catch all the pet battle strategies on my YouTube channel - CymreJones

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  1. hey! i play a mage and i also had trouble shattering Viscidus, and then i googled it and it told me to use a trinket that summons fast-meleeing guardians. that totally worked. i did also warp and put on a fast dagger (fastest thing in my bag was the one from The Black Stalker, where i was farming a green).

    Anyway, I daggered, warped and used the Barov Servant Caller and he finally shattered :D after like 500 tries >.>

    Here’s where i got the idea:

    Enjoy!! :D

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    • I did try the crate of puppies the first day on my priest but they can’t be spawned in the raid. So I tried summoning them outside the raid and then despawned as soon as I entered >.< Do the servants do something now? Hmm, not sure if I have that on the mage. Thx for the info though :)

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      • yeah, three NPCs pop out and start punching things :D Someone mentioned you can’t get it anymore, but i’m a serious packrat >.> I just happened to have it.

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  2. er, i should mention that the 500 tries were BEFORE finding out the trick, it was just 1 try after that XD

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    • LOL, no worries. I’m glad it worked out for you in the end.

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  3. Congratulations! Get someone to duo Razor with you and the rest of BWL is a breeze.

    I thankfully got my pet from Viscidus on my first go which I was thrilled about knowing how other people had been having trouble! I used the Brunnhildar Bow on my hunter along with Rapid shot and he went down smoothly, it does additional frost damage per shot.

    I ran three alts though MC and managed to get all of the pets! My boyfriend however had taken 8(!) though and so far only gotten two.

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    • The other day I killed Chrom in about 5sec flat. It was fun! GL with the rest of yours :)

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    • You can share the pets that you do not have with your boyfriend in order to get the achievement, it worked for me yesterday. A guildie needed two pets for the achievement, so I caged the remaining ones for him, and he got the achievement by learning them. He caged them and traded them back to me. Makes for a great gift to friends!

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      • Good point! Now if only I could get a Lil’ Tarecgosa =/

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  4. Soloing stuff is not fun when it is sometimes limited to what class you play :-(
    I had trouble killing Viscidus myself aswell, I went on my Monk, along with a Frost mage, it was fine to get him to freeze, but couldnt get enough melee hits off (even with timewarp plus my Xuen tiger pet) – Thankfully, they nerfed it down to 30 less melee hits needed I believe a few days ago, so was able to get it down! Tried it later on with a druid and my warlock, the druid enchanted the cataclysm ‘Elemental’ chant on his weapon to get him to freeze. Was fine after!

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    • Yep, the nerfs definitely helped. Just need the drop rates to improve for the amount of effort :P

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