It’s Getting HOT in Here!

A while ago, I posted about the Cinder Kitten being a new addition to the Blizzard Store in support of the Hurricane Sandy victims. Last night, thanks to one of my Facebook followers, I was alerted to the fact that the kitten had become available to the EU store. So I went to twitter to see if there was any discussion about it.

This morning I woke up to a wonderful surprise. Seems Coolidge had also found out about the addition by purchasing one for me. :D

Cinder Kitten

Who needs a campfire when you can cosy up to this cute ball of er… molten hotness. And suddenly I hear The Wiggles singing Hot Potato in my head. Call me silly but never knew they sung about spaghetti and bananas as well. Shows I’ve never actually heard the whole song before :P

His animations include licking his face with his paw and rolling around in a ball, as well as looking like he’s about to pounce something before sitting back down :P

So why not buy one for yourself or a friend. For US$10 (or EUR$10) until the end of the month, all proceeds go to the Red Cross so help support a worthy cause. Unless of course someone beats you to it :)

Thx again Cool <3

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  1. The kitten is so cute I got one as soon as I heard they were available. Not only a cute pet but a deserving cause, win win!

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