I’m Hunting Wabbits…

Look what arrived in the mail today, my brand spankin’ new Safari Hat, the reward from Taming the World. Although the hat is bound to your Battle.net account, I was still able to pick it up on more than one toon. I doubt this was intended though so remember to at least pick it up on your main.

Safari Hat

The hat is accompanied by a letter from Breanni:

I can’t believe it. You are really taking these tamers out!

I have been watching your progress and its amazing! you are just taking out tamer after tamer. I figured this hat might be useful to you on your quest to the final Zen Master in Pandaria.

Keep up the good work!

Here are some of the most recent additions over the last couple of days.

Cogbell Raptor

Kun-Lai Runt

Lofty Libram

Stunted Yeti


So far I’ve named quite a few of my pets after bloggers and Twitter people. You may even find one named after you!

Here’s to levelling up the rest of my pets :)

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and all things pets. You may know me as Cymre Brightblade. Catch all the pet battle strategies on my YouTube channel - CymreJones

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  1. LOL another Erinys! OK that’s it I’m changing mine :) Grats on all those pets they look fantastic, can’t wait to catch some.

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    • It was the obvious choice, I don’t think it matters if there’s more than one does it? :)

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      • Call me biased but I’d say nope, doesn’t matter at all :p

        I definitely need to acquire the raptor. The mechanical models are amazing. Also need to finish naming all the pets. Semi scared people will go “eek you called that after me … why?” when I unveil everything though.

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  2. Still no sign of a hat in my mailbox. I guess this weekend I’ll have to cycle through all my toons to see if anyone got it. I’ve also heard that walking into an instance can make the game wake up and remember that you’re supposed to have one.

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    • I read that too about zoning into an instance. I did a few raids yesterday so that seems to have helped. I managed to get two hats in the end. Hope you get one without putting in a ticket.

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  3. There will be a great army of Erinys marching on us if we’re not careful! And thanks for the reminder, I keep forgetting to wear my new hat!

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  4. I love that your dressed for hunting! Gratz on catching these new pets – I haven’t been having much luck with them all Ive been able to find so far is two the infinite whelpling and eternal strider. Maybe a third one but I didn’t write it down dang it.

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