Raiding with Leashes

Raiding with Leashes

One of the most exciting changes for Patch 5.1 included the list of 12 new pet drops from old raid bosses. Collecting the set will reward you with the achievement and highly sought-after pet – Mr. Bigglesworth.

Blackwing Lair

Untamed Hatchling

Untamed Hatchling drops from Razorgore the Untamed

Death Talon Whelpguard

Death Talon Whelpguard drops from Broodlord Lashlayer


Chrominius drops from Chromaggus

Temple of Ahn’Qiraj

Mini Mindslayer

Mini Mindslayer drops from The Prophet Skeram

Viscidus Globule

Viscidus Globule drops from Viscidus

Anubisath Idol

Anubisath Idol drops from Emperor Vek’lor

Molten Core

Corefire Imp

Corefire Imp drops from Magmadar

Harbinger of Flame: Humanoid – Sulfuron Harbinger

Ashstone Core

Ashstone Core drops from Golemagg the Incinerator


Fungal Abomination

Fungal Abomination drops from Loatheb

Giant Bone Spider drops from Maexxna

Giant Bone Spider drops from Maexxna

Stitched Pup

Stitched Pup drops from Gluth


Mr. Bigglesworth

Riches to Find

Riches to Find

I was excited to see some new achievements when I logged in today. I knew 5.1 was bringing a lot of nifty things but I didn’t realise we were getting achievements for the treasures that didn’t count towards the Lost and Found series.

Rikktik's Tick Remover

These are such a great source of XP and money especially while levelling my alts. The hardest one would have to be the sap in Townlong Steppes since it can spawn in several spots around the huge tree. One spot in particular is too high to get to without flying.

So I logged in to find Treasure of PandariaFortune of Pandaria and Bounty of Pandaria complete leaving me with ONE treasure left to find. I suspected that I knew the item concerned as I only found out about the artifact once I had quested through the Jade Forest – a heavily phased area. So I headed over there just in case something had changed. I thought maybe I could fly in fast and click on the item before it phased out (like it had done before). I flew down and saw the Ancient Pandaren Tea Pot just waiting to be clicked but was it now lootable?

Riches of Pandaria

Woot! Another treasure series now complete with Riches of Pandaria!

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