The August Celestials

Like many, The August Celestials were the last faction I had to reach exalted with so I was excited to see what Blizzard had in store for us. Other factions (such as The Shadow-Pan and Golden Lotus) gave us some really epic quests and storylines which provided us some kind of finality but this faction ended up being… anti-climactic. This was quite surprising as it was the only one that offered the most diverse group of dailies. It was also the hardest to start as you had to wait until you were revered with the Golden Lotus before you could even start your rep grind.

There was no final fight with any of the combatants.

Tukka Tuk

Sadly, there was one moth casualty during the fight

Although Tukka-Tuk did send me an apology letter later.

After some research it seems I have six more days to go at the Cradle of Chi-Ji before I can get my Champion of Chi-Ji achievement.

Here’s the list of combatants:

Ellia Ravenmane
Minh Do-Tan
Ellia Ravenmane: Rematch
Fat Long-Fat
Julia Bates
Dextrous Izissha
Kuo-Na Quillpaw
Ellia Ravenmane: Revenge
Huck Wheelbarrow
Mindel Sunspeaker
Yan Quillpaw
Fat Long-Fat: Rematch
Ellia Ravenmane: Redemption

There was one mount to buy at the Quartermaster though if you’re willing to fork out 9K (with the Guild perk).

Reins of the Thundering August Cloud Serpent

You may notice it has the same skin as Alani‘s mount which is the ruby version of this one.

At the same time, just as I finish up my rep grind on my main, I’ve just started it on my alt  – just so I can make bigger bags!

All that Glitters

Yesterday I was able to get the following three achievements – two from Scarlet Monastery and one from the Golden Lotus dailies. Burning Man was really easy to get although the warrior in the group might not think so when he stood (and kept standing in) the bad…

Burning Man

We don’t normally ask puggers if they’d like to do an achievement but in this case, I wanted to see what the group was like on the easier one above. When we entered the Cathedral, I asked if they were interested in doing And Stay Dead. We had tried it once before with another PUG but didn’t really try to do it – well Cool and I were game, we just didn’t let the other three know. It just so happened that no-one interrupted the mass rez so we ended up getting a bit smashed. But hey, we didn’t plan to do it that day.

When we tried it again yesterday, everyone was ready for what happened and it went of really easily. Isn’t it great when a plan comes together? Even though the Shammie’s element almost instantly blew up, he did what he was supposed to so it worked out.

And Stay Dead

While doing the Golden Lotus dailies on my mage, I noticed that the third set of quests were at the Setting Sun Garrison. I was hoping for one thing… the Survival Ring of Flame.

I managed to get the Survival Ring of Blades really easily by doing the pillar standing technique but that ‘strategy’ has since been fixed as all the pillars have been moved inward. So I began my attempts trying several methods – bubbles for speed and levitate. After A LOT of attempts and abandoning of the quest, my eyes started to widen when I saw the bar was almost full without getting bounced. I couldn’t believe that I had finally done it so about a second after I saw the bar was full, I maneuvered my way around the dark spots and headed past the pillars and out of the ring. If I didn’t I would have been smack dab in the middle of a couple of spots. BUT the quest didn’t come up as complete. NOOO!

I had to do it again…

So around midnight I tried it again (since there were less people monkeying around)… waiting until there were no or maybe one other person in the ring before I gave it another go. Last thing I needed was to have several people muck up my path by leaving black spots where I didn’t need them or get boxed in. I finally managed to get a minute with no-one else entering the circle. By the time my bar was full again there was one other person who had started their 90sec run but thankfully stayed a fair distance away from me.

I found running around the edge worked well most of the time but don’t limit yourself to that if you see a nice clear space in the middle. It was a bit like the Alys fight but prettier. The most excruciating part was waiting for the quest line to come up with the word COMPLETE after my bar filled again. I swear it felt like two seconds!

Ready for Raiding

Doesn’t it look pretty? OK, maybe when you’re not focusing on the ground for a minute and a half…

You know what? Having seen the bosses in the first two raids, I think I am ready for a new challenge. Bring on Terrace of the Endless Spring.

Depleted-Kyparium Rocket

I finally gathered all the materials to make my Depleted-Kyparium Rocket. Phew, what an effort!

It was worth it though as I’ve always loved the look of it. I had a lot of fun riding it on the beta so I worked hard at getting all the stuff together. By far, the hardest to accumulate were the 12x Spirits of Harmony which I managed to grow on my farm as soon I hit revered with The Tillers.

Depleted-Kyparium Rocket

Depleted-Kyparium Rocket

The first thing I noticed was the obvious colour change. I must say that I really liked the colour scheme of the old one. I’m not sure why they changed it. The new one looks very dull, like it’s been gathering dust in someone’s basement.

Depleted Kyparium Rocket - new

Old look from the beta

What do you think?


After my last five unique tames, I was up for tracking Hexapos since I recently reached 90 on my hunter. So I headed over to Dread Wastes to see if I could find his Mysterious Tracks. Using a map supplied by Sneaky Sams, I managed to track him on the southern most part of his path above the Briny Muck.


Currently his track still runs backwards but this may change in 5.1.


Remember that Water Striders are exotic creatures so you’ll have to be specced BM to tame it.

The only bad thing was having to abandon another pet from my stable of rares =/

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