Atonement and Me

I’ve been a fan of atonement healing ever since it was introduced to the game. I’ve used it through heroics, raids and a lot of soloing but there have always been a couple of things that irk me. Now increasing the range to 40 yards will be great when in a group or raid but when I’m soloing or questing it annoys me when I see my heals or aegis pop up on a random person just because they are close enough, esp. when I could use the heal myself.

It’s not like these anonymous players will stop to help you if things get dire. Questing in an area with 20 other people is nothing unusual but if I’m at half health then I would hope the smart heal would go to me other than some random player in the vicinity.

There’s also been a few cases where I’ve been killing a champion and a player or two will hover in the area just to see if I die. Sure, don’t offer any assistance even though I see my DA proc on you…

Aegis songbell

But what about your heals going to the bloodworms, the mechanical dragonlings and my plants on the farm when I’m killing the virmen and birds. Surely I could use that heal more than my songbell… if only my farm dog did more than swim in my pond and dig around under the homestead – now that would be something.

I’d love to see Blizzard fix this so at least when soloing or in a group the heals just benefit the relevant members and not every Tom, Dick and Creepy.


Today Karr the Darkener (one of the champions in Dread Wastes) finally dropped the Imbued Jade Fragment for me. He’s one of the few rares that I like to kill religiously just for a chance at the pet. I can’t say how many times I’ve killed him now but it sure was worth it.

Now I have both of the pet drops from the two Champion spawns – the other being my Aqua Strider :D

Karr kill

Say hello to pet no. 452.


I was on such a roll last night that I headed over to Krasarang for a chance at Bloodtooth. As soon as I reached Anglers Wharf I picked up the first footprint but I had no pet that I wanted to abandon so I reluctantly hearthed back to the city to change out one of my active pets.

Bloodtooth track

Muddy Tracks

I used the map that Sneaky Sams had which worked out well picking him up on the big island off Nayeli Lagoon.


I actually match my pet now :P

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