Not So Savage

Out of all the unique hunter pets in Mists, I only had eyes for one – Savage. I read about him during the beta and thought he had the most gorgeous skin. In fact, there was a day I had a dig around The Arboretum when I noticed an Alliance Hunter standing in a nearby spot shooting a flare into the distance. I was wondering why she was doing this as she proceeded to do this for about a minute, not moving from that very spot. It was only after I read Euphy’s post a few days later that I realised the significance of what I’d witnessed.

I was so happy that Blizzard decided to implement such a thing for hunters as I’ve always loved the thought of taming that elusive rare. Even when they added the Crystalline Tear of Loyalty in Cataclysm, that didn’t necessarily stop non-hunters from killing those highly sought-after hunter companions. But I guess 25G was reason enough to kill a silver dragon…

Tonight I decided to finally try to seek out Savage’s tracks flying straight to The Arboretum. I started by following his route on the marked map I had, although I did try looking up Euphy’s video but for some reason YouTube was having loading issues. I kept getting “An error has occurred. Please try again later” message, even after trying a number of other videos.

So I went back to WoWHead following his entire path (each way) and reading what the latest comments were. The most important thing I noticed was his path tracking backwards. Note that this will be fixed in 5.1 as it’s been tested on the PTR already. I decided to stop at one of the confirmed co-ordinates reading through the comments for about 5mins when I decided to follow his path from Emperor’s Omen going towards Greenstone Village. Once I reached the end of the path, I headed back in the other direction. As I neared the Greenstone Mason’s Quarter, I noticed the first bloody track on the ground – hovering over the object to be sure of what it was. I couldn’t believe I had found a track!

Savage track

I had already turned down my environment detail and ground clutter so the only thing I had to do now was follow his track backwards. I saw about five tracks ahead of me before I tried a flare on the path leading to the mine. He appeared right where my flare was so I quickly threw a Hunter’s Mark on him. Before I could tame him though, I had to abandon my throwaway silkworm. I didn’t even bother to shoot him with anything and he didn’t even turn around until the tame was complete.

Savage tame



He’s such an exceptional looking pet with the stark white coat and piercing blue eyes that I’ll probably be using him for my last three levels and beyond! :D

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