Zatanna is a superhero and one of the greatest magic-users in the DC Universe. Her father is the legendary magician Zatara and she works hard to live up to his legacy. The traditional method of spell-casting she uses involves speaking words and sentences backwards. In addition to her career as a hero, she is also a very notable stage performer.

Taken from DC Comic Database

Initially, I was just going to highlight an item I managed to get yesterday from the Blingtron 4000. I couldn’t believe I finally had a top hat without having to faction and race change a worgen. My first thought was to create a simple High Society outfit, which changed to a magician but after a few screenshots, I thought of Zatanna. Again, a character I got to know from watching Smallville.

Artist: Danielle Alexis St. Pierre

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ZatannaZatanna closeup Zatanna with rabbit


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