Hallow’s End at Kirina’s Closet

One year ago, I entered my very first costume contest at Kirina’s Closet. Since then, I’ve participated in a lot of transmog contests including Mog Madness and the Mogolympics. I’ve also been really proud of my own Super Sunday series as well as my other offerings like my Fairy Tales and Career Women posts.

This time I submitted two of my favourite Super Sunday costumes.

Superhero Sunday - Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman



I’m happy to announce that I was one of the runners up for Kirina’s last Hallow’s End Costume Contest.

My prizes were a set of three loot cards:

So thx again Kirina for organising these last four contests (even though I only saw and participated in the last two). It was fun to see all the entries :)


Zatanna is a superhero and one of the greatest magic-users in the DC Universe. Her father is the legendary magician Zatara and she works hard to live up to his legacy. The traditional method of spell-casting she uses involves speaking words and sentences backwards. In addition to her career as a hero, she is also a very notable stage performer.

Taken from DC Comic Database

Initially, I was just going to highlight an item I managed to get yesterday from the Blingtron 4000. I couldn’t believe I finally had a top hat without having to faction and race change a worgen. My first thought was to create a simple High Society outfit, which changed to a magician but after a few screenshots, I thought of Zatanna. Again, a character I got to know from watching Smallville.

ZatannaZatanna closeup Zatanna with rabbit

Check out the rest of my Super Sunday series.

#IntPiPoMo 13/50

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