I managed to save enough Ironpaw Tokens (50) to buy my Cooking School Bell summoning Nomi – my very own cooking student. I remember seeing this cute little thing following someone on the beta but I wasn’t that advanced (or just didn’t know where to get him) so I was excited to finally purchase the bell earlier today.


It took a long time to work up the tokens once I realised you needed that many in the first place. This was after I used them all for trading in mats for cooking the favourite dishes of my future BFFs. If only I knew that then – the gift of hindsight, right? Thx to my other guildie for helping me build up my food resources to trade.

When I summoned him, he had a daily to make sliced peaches which was easy enough. The rep grind seems long but from what I read, it’s worth it in the long run. He’ll even give you Ironpaw Tokens once you’re exalted with him.

Each reputation level gives it’s own unique daily worth 1000 rep each:

Lesson 1: Sliced Peaches – Obtain 5x Pandaren Peach for Nomi (sold by Sungshin Ironpaw)

Lesson 2: Instant Noodles – Obtain 5x Instant Noodles for Nomi (sold by Sungshin Ironpaw)

Lesson 3: Toasted Fish Jerky – Obtain 5x Golden Carp for Nomi

Lesson 4: Dried Needle Mushrooms – Obtain 5x Needle Mushrooms for Nomi

Lesson 5: Pounded Rice Cake – Obtain 5x Rice for Nomi

Once you become Best Friends with Nomi, he will offer you A Present for Teacher:

Here’s to another rep grind :P


I should mention that I’ll be participating in Angelya’s take on NaNoWriMo which substitutes images for words called IntPiPoMo.

For the month of November, if a picture is worth a thousand words, post fifty pictures which may or may not be related to WoW!

I don’t know, it may be a struggle posting 50 pics in 30 days but I’ll give it a go :P

I’ve also given myself a bit of creative licence and counted my last three posts in the tally since they were posted from November 1st.

#IntPiPoMo 7/50

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  1. Oh I wondered what the bell was for, thanx for the tip! 50 huh, dang I spent my tokens so guess I’ll be saving them now =(

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