Today I’m officially done with all the quests in Pandaria, finishing off the storylines in Dread Wastes and finding all of the Paragons in the zone. Completion meant a handful of achievements including Dread Haste Makes Dread Waste as well as Loremaster of Pandaria.

Fire the beast


Kil'ruk the Wiind-Reaver

Klaxxi daily



Dread Haste


It feels so satisfying to say I’ve completed all the storylines in Pandaria. Now to focus on the remaining reputations, some more heroics and start raiding. We tried two heroics today – Heroic: Siege of Niuzao Temple and Heroic: Mogu’shan Palace. I was a bit worried about the second last boss in Niuzao Temple (having fought him once on the beta) but I don’t know what I was worried about… he was pretty easy. It helps when people seem to know what they’re doing though.