Trick or Treat

For the month of October, Ambermist proposed the following challenge:

If your character were going Trick or Treating in Azeroth, what would their costume be? Tell me all about the what and the why, and if you can find a picture of it or something similar, please post that with it–I’d love to see!

Red cower

A while ago I posted a picture of Little Red Riding Hood as part of Saz’s Through your Interface challenge which was a lot of fun to do. The outfit was pieced together very quickly but I think it turned out pretty well. Several items were from my current set while the others were made up of selections from my virtual closet.

Having just watched the latest adaptation of Red Riding Hood, I’ve loosely based my version on that.

From the Red Riding Hood Movie. Courtesy of Warner Bros

I’ve modernised the backdrop somewhat with a shot of our Horde city in the background.

Red Disc

But careful though, even battle pets can be deadly this time of year.

Red Howl

Author: Cymre

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  1. What a great “costume”! :O

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  2. It really is amazing what you can pull off with in-game items–that looks fantastic! I loved the old one, but I like how closely the new one resembles the movie. Spot on!

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  3. I adore your costuming and vignettes – big applause, and wow!

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  4. Love it :)
    Loved that movie too!

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    • @Eva – Glad you like it :)

      @Ambermist – Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised by how my outfits turn out :D

      @Matty – Thx, it was fun to do. I always wanted to tweak this costume :)

      @Pando – Glad you liked it :D

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  5. Teehee that’s adorable. Cloaks should look like what they do on that picture, damnit! Cover your shoulders and just linger on, not just be a square on your back. Props for the shoulders, they give that illusion :3

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    • I would love some hooded cloaks in the game. Thx for the comment :)

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