Last night I defeated the Master Pet Tamer for Cataclysm earning me the achievement - Taming Cataclysm. So I’m now on the home stretch to defeat all the Master Pet Tamers of Pandaria – meaning they all have EPIC pets. Last time I found Farmer Nishi the easiest to defeat so I decided to try her first. One down four to go.

Taming Cataclysm

Four days ago, I finally managed to get my Baby Ape on the Isle. Definitely the hardest capture for the entire month but I’m glad I logged my toons in various zones just for this purpose.

Baby Ape

A couple of nights ago, I managed to max out the last profession we needed for Working Better as a Team meaning we now have heirloom pants for our alts :) Cooking by far was the most time consuming to level up due to the large amount of materials needed for banquet meals but I was determined to get my Brew cooking up for the two lost treasures I found over a week ago. It helps when you have a few alts doing their bit with the four starter plots you get at 85-86 (even if you can’t earn rep with The Tillers yet). Cool helped me farm materials too on his farm making it that much quicker to max out my cooking.

Yesterday we tried our first random Heroic getting Stormstout Brewery but not before we made sure all our gear was optimised with reforges, enchants and gems. Although I had to ask “are you sure this is Heroic?” once inside as it seemed as easy as the normal dungeon.

Stormstout Brewery

Stormstout Brewery-boss

He sure died in a funny position

monkey brew

But I do like the random Hozen costumes you get from drinking the brew

I’m not sure what we’re supposed to do with all the extra lesser charms though as I’m starting to build up my second stack of them. It’s nice that they can stack up to 180 but if you can only trade them in once a week, I’m going to be swimming in them for a while. At least, our Order of the Cloud Serpent rep will be finished soon and we’re already revered with The Tillers so it shouldn’t be as time consuming doing all the dailies.

No doubt my rep with Nat Pagle will the hardest to acquire with all the rare catches I’ll need. So far, I’ve caught two of the same rare fish so I guess that will give me something to do after all this other stuff is taken care of.

I admit I’m excited about some of the new changes coming in 5.1, particularly with the Pet Battle System. I love that we’ll be able to upgrade our pets with the rare and uncommon battle stones. Looks like we’ll have to wait for the epic ones in a later patch though.

With the Darkmoon Hatchling and new Darkmoon Pet Tamer coming, it’s a good thing I’ve been storing up my Darkmoon tickets just for this purpose. It makes me wonder how easy it will be to find a Darkmoon Glowfly though as the ones during the Wanderer’s Festival as pretty scarce – but the faire does last a week so you never know. I’m also glad that my tailoring is up there so I’ll be able to get the Imperial Moth and Imperial Silkworm over time.