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Things sure have changed since I last battled the Grand Master Pet Tamers of Pandaria but I was excited about trying the Northrend and Cataclysm tamers since they were new to me. Last night I completed the Cataclysm part but the fact that Obalis – the Grand Master in Uldum had Epic pets was a new one for me.

Today I had the remaining five in Pandaria to battle but I left it until the last hour or so to try them out (I forgot about server shutdown). I’m not sure if the tamers were easier or I just had a good combination but I didn’t have too much trouble with them. I didn’t even have to change my team up for the most part. Those pet bandages sure came in handy though :P

So with 7mins left on the clock, I flew to the Wilds from Townlong Steppes to see if I could get the last tamer under my belt before I dropped out. At around 5mins left before the servers went down, I DC’ed from but kept going with my battle. Luckily I won with 4mins left on the clock. I hearthed back to the Vale to see how far I could get with Aki. I knew I wouldn’t be able to complete the battle in time but it was a great way to gauge any change, if any, with my kick-ass team.

I guess I should have expected this but with 2mins left before I dropped out, this is what I saw…

Legendary Pets

Yep, LEGENDARY pets.

Something to look forward to tomorrow :)


I just had a look through my beta shots and it looks like Aki’s pets had the same stats but they sure look more intimidating with the orange colour :P

Aki Pets-beta

Author: Cymre

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  1. Can you use pet bandages in the middle of a battle? This is new to me if you can…

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    • Not during the battle but in btwn the 8min ‘Revive Battle Pets’ CD.

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      • Oh phew! I thought I’d missed a trick there :) Thanks <3

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  2. Were they not legendary on the beta?
    That dragon is terrifying I’ll tell you now! But you already knew that :)

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    • Maybe stat wise but not colour wise – they all looked like rare elites. Yeah, I remember :P

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  3. LEGENDARY!? I’m still leveling a team to tackle the guy in Outland. Just picked up a rare Flayer for that fight. Now we have to deal with EPIC and LEGENDARY pets?! /yell “BLIZZARD!” (Kirk’s Khan Scream voice)

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