Champion Playtime

Late last night I completed my Taming Northrend achievement by defeating Major Payne, the Grand Master of the continent. Having already defeated Aki the Chosen, the Grand Master of Pandaria on the beta, I wasn’t in as much of a rush to do the Pet Battling thing on live. But after my latest hurdle with Major Payne, I was eager to try the next series of Pet Battle Tamers for Cataclysm – who also weren’t available on the beta.


Today I finally managed to get my Crate of Kidnapped Puppies from one of the rares in Kun-Lai Summit, one of the few things I really wanted on the beta but the item never dropped.

Crate of Kidnapped Puppies

So I tried them out on one of the rares in the Vale… have you had a good look at them before?

Crate of Kidnapped Puppies

Not only does one have a bow on it’s head, reminding me of Huggalon the Heart Breaker, but the other one has a pirate hat… how cute is that?

The Bottled Tornado which drops from Kal’tik in the Vale was something I had in my bag for a while but never tried before now.

Bottled Tornado

The highlight of my day came when Cool and I killed Nalash again and my pet finally dropped :D

Aqua Strider

According to my Armoury page, this brings me up to 492 pets but with the changes to our Pet Journal increasing from a maximum of 500 to 650, this will be a welcome change for sure :P

Thx to Cool for his continued assistance (letting me know both these rares were up) <3 As it stands now, I have 18 Champions left to kill before I get my Glorious! achievement.

By the way, two people have told me that they are no longer receiving my blog emails so if you’re in the same boat, let me know so we can troubleshoot the issue.

Battle Pet Tamers – Cataclysm

Once you complete the Battle Pet Tamers for Northrend, you’ll be eligible to pick up the next quest for Cataclysm.

There are three Master Pet Tamers to defeat and may be tackled in any order.

<Master Pet Tamer>
Location – Mount Hyjal, by the road to Nordrassil
Level 25 Pets: Ashtail (Beast), Kali (Magic) and Incinderous (Critter)

Bordin Steadyfist
Bordin Stradyfist
<Master Pet Tamer>
Location – Deepholm, just outside the Temple of Earth
Level 25 Pets: Crystallas (Critter), Ruby and Fracture (2x Elementals)

Goz Banefury
Goz Banefury
<Master Pet Tamer>
Location – The Devouring Breach in the Twilight Highlands
Level 25 Pets: – Amythel (Magic), Helios (Beast) and Twilight (Elemental)

Defeating these three will open up the quest for the Grand Master of Cataclysm.

<Grand Master Pet Tamer>
Location – Uldum, top of Vir’naal Dam
Level 25 Epic Pets: Pyth (Beast), Spring (Flying) and Clatter (Critter)

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