Finders Keepers

After getting the Lost and Found achievement on the beta, I was really looking forward to getting the same one on live. However, this appeared to be harder than I anticipated, especially when Cool managed to find one without even trying =/. After about a week, I managed to find my first one in the Wilds. I was so happy to finally collect one that I worked hard at getting the next achievement for finding five lost treasures. Let me tell you, it’s pretty time consuming having to hoof it everywhere (pre-90) but over the next few days, I found another four giving me the Finders Keepers achievement.

Here are the five lost treasures that I managed to find which count towards the achievement.

Banana Infused Rum

Nayeli Lagoon

I looted the Seafaring Advisor’s Slippers from the locker but I suspect the item may be armour specific.

Tablet of Ren-Yun

Neverest Pinnacle

On a side note, I wanted to see what I actually looked like as a Hozen Pirate (without the haze) but Blizzard took out the setting a long time ago.


Effect from consuming the Banana Infused Rum

However, if you’d like to remove the haze yourself, type in:

/console ffxGlow 0

Change 0 to 1 if you wish to re-enable the haze effect, esp if you’re doing Catch the Wild Wolpertinger!

Rum - no daze

Hozen Pirate – no haze

Now to find some others…

The Race to 90

Today turned out to be a very eventful day which started out quite promising. After midnight, I headed out to Darkmoon Island to complete my dailies and to see if the Darkmoon Rabbit was around. Just as I completed them, I saw a comment in chat asking for more to kill you know who. When I joined the raid, I saw a few familiar names but it turns out that the Alliance raid won out this time – both sides ended up getting flagged and bugging out the rabbit just so the other side would get another chance at the little guy. By the end, they did have more of a presence but I was glad to actually try the fight once on live, even with no kill or achievement.

Earlier that night, I was two zones off from completing my Pandaria Tamer achievement so I set off to find a pet in Townlong Steppes and Dread Wastes. This also gave me the Continental Tamer achievement too.

For the Guild, we’re still a few professions off from getting our heirloom pants reward so I decided to level up my First Aid getting Zen Master Medic will little effort.

Huggalon the Heart-Watcher

Notice the HUGE bow on his head?

While we were looking for some Champions in the surrounding areas, I made sure we collected the lost artifacts on the way, including one right next to this neutral NPC inside the Townlong Steppes catacombs. Become BFFs with a person – even with someone of the opposite faction, so I tried it on an Alliance character in the cave. Quite a lot of these named NPCs drop some fun items like the B. F. F. Necklace you see above. Other items might be just one-use but they each share some kind of novelty value.

After that we headed into Mogu’shan Palace as we were half way into 89. Even with the quests in the place, the XP came quite slowly so we did another Shadow-Pan dungeon which left me with 3 bubbles to go. We decided to go looking for more treasures of Pandaria and rares to add to our quota. I was happy to finally get Could we find more like that? since I was just missing a Mantid kill for the achievement.

Disc mount

Lorewalker mount

When Cool dinged two bubbles ahead of me, I had the great idea of him flying me around to do the rest of the Lorewalker meta achievements for that last bit of XP. Having done it once on the beta helped a lot since we remembered where a lot of them were already but a flying mount certainly helped with some.

The sad thing was that I realised pretty quickly that I was stuck at 89 for a while longer… after retrieving all the scrolls out of the mail I was having trouble accepting the quests. You know how you accept a quest sometimes (from a drop or something) and you need a free slot just to be able to add it to your quest log? I thought it was the case here and destroyed one of the many novelty items in my bag (goodbye Golden Banana) only to discover that I couldn’t accept the quests yet as I wasn’t level 90. Arg!

Seems I had to get that last half bubble the hard way… so we went looking for a few more Champions when I directed Cool to one of the miscellaneous XP objects I’d found once before which finally made me level.

Level 90-ding


I kept a mindful eye on the time though as I wanted to head back to the Wanderer’s Festival this week. Last time I missed out on Chen singing and I also wanted to try and catch a green or blue hatchling. With Daylight Savings, I ended up going back an hour later to find a few of the hatchlings up for grabs. I managed to get an uncommon one but missing out on Chen singing – again! Well, there is next week…

Wanderers Festival with Huga

After that, we set off to do our first round of dailies for The Anglers, The Tillers and The Order of the Cloud Serpent. Stockpiling those mats and levelling first aid sure came in handy today :) The day was topped only by a little something I never got on the beta. I couldn’t quite believe I had finally gotten one. At first I thought I was one of the blue gifts for the Tillers but there’s nothing ominous about this item :D

Ominous Seed

Now to wait until I can harvest my terrible turnip tomorrow :P

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