Tomb of Conquerors

In an effort to find the Thunder King’s remains before the Zandalari, Lorewalker Cho had directed me into the Tomb of Shadows to reveal an ancient alliance between the Mogu and Zandalari forces. However, time was of the essence as I raced to stop the Spiritbinding Ritual in the Tomb of Secrets. If I failed, the results would have been devastating. I had to find the Thunder King’s remains. With only one more tomb in the Valley of Emperors, Cho was convinced he was buried in largest of the three – the Tomb of Conquerors.

I was sent to find the bottom fragment of Lei Shen’s tablet in order to restore the Tablet of Thunder.

Temple entrance

As I cautiously entered the Tomb, a number of booby-traps were triggered by an unwitting thief so with no time to waste, I used the distraction to sneak inside.

Temple arrows
Temple arrows
Temple midpath
Temple arrow

Restoring the Tablet revealed more information:

template - reading tablet

Under Kun-Lai Thunder sleeps…

Temple-doors opening

Alive the dispossessed…

Temple-Thunder King

By Zandalari blood he will be taken… To Zandalari voice he will awaken…

which led me to the newly unlocked chamber.

Temple doors
Temple pool

…and the trolls.

Unfortunately, my location was given away by a troll warrior which led to a number of traps being set off as I made my escape.

Temple endpath
Temple path
Temple trapfloor

It could have ended very badly as I almost became some sort of flame grilled BE burger. Luckily I lived to tell the tale, informing Lorewalker Cho of my discovery… my journey would lead me to the coast.

Pink For A Cause

Pink For A Cause

As someone who’s been touched by cancer in her family, I knew I had to participate in this idea from JD. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so I will be wearing a pink-based outfit that may morph over the next few weeks to include more pink (depending on what I can find). I’ve also incorporated some red in there as our tabard is a staple piece for all our sets at the moment – we’ve been working hard on getting those last few levels so hopefully we can dispense with them soon.

Pink October

Pretty in Pink

So far I’ve seen Kamalia participate but I’m hoping to see a lot more pink before the end of the month :)

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