Another eventful day for Pet Battles included Northrend Tamer, Outland Tamer, Ultimate Trainer and of course Taming Outland. This meant defeating the Grand Master of Outland – Bloodknight Antari so I was happy to see that he had been moved as part of the hotfixes last night. It still took me a few tries and came close twice but I finally managed to beat his team. Phew! In fact, once he converted to a daily, I battled him again and won! At least that was a better result than last time on the beta. :P

Antari defeated

Taming Outland

Antari, you need some new material… even when you were beaten you said the same thing. And look at when I beat you again only a minute later…

Antari defeated

My team turned out to be the same combination as what I had on the beta although my Flayer Youngling was a rare this time and a higher level. My Frog was also a rare level 25 while my Spawn of Onyxia was an uncommon.

The best part is this opens up the Battle Pet Tamers for Northrend which I didn’t get to test on the beta so you can expect another guide in the next day or so :)

On a side note, this turned out to be a very odd spot for a battle. At least the damage was minuscule, otherwise this would have been a very different outcome. It reminds me of one the Archaeology digs in Kun-Lai Summit which is right in the middle of a blizzard. Luckily, I’ve only had that dig site once…

Fel Flame battle

Oh and I finally managed to get the icky bear cub in Hillsbrad only to discover that it didn’t seem to have the awful infested bum when I fought it. The Baby Ape still eludes me though…