Pet Tamers – Northrend

Once you complete the Battle Pet Tamers for Outland, you’ll be eligible to pick up the next quest for Northrend.

There are four Master Pet Tamers to defeat and may be tackled in any order.

Beegle Blastfuse
Beegle Blastfuse <Master Pet Tamer>
Location: Howling Fjord – Overlooking the cliff, north of Westguard Keep
Level 25 Pets: Dinner (Flying), Gobbles (Flying) and Warble (Aquatic)

Nearly Headless Jacob
Nearly Headless Jacob <Master Pet Tamer>
Location: Crystalsong Forest – by the end of the lake
Level 25 Pets: Stitch, Spooky Strangler and Mort (3x Undead)

Gutretch <Master Pet Tamer>
Location: Zul Drak – At the top of the stairs leading up from Crystalsong Forest
Level 25 Pets: Fleshrender (Beast), Cadavus (Beast) and Blight (Critter)

Okrut Dragonwaste
Okrut Dragonwaste <Master Pet Tamer>
Location: Dragonblight – Standing at the end of the Path of the Titans
Level 25 Pets: Rot (Undead), Sleet (Undead) and Drogar (Dragonkin)

Defeating all four will open up the quest to defeat the Grand Master of Northrend.

Major Payne
Major Payne <Grand Master Pet Tamer>
Location: Argent Tournament Grounds – cliff side
Level 25 Elite Pets: Grizzle (Beast), Beakmaster X-225 (Mechanical) and Bloom (Elemental)

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