Taming Azeroth

A couple of days ago, I managed to finish the Battle Pet Tamers for Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor as well as getting my Taming Eastern Kingdoms and Taming Kalimdor achievements. Today I flew to Uldum after I noticed it was the only one missing for Kalimdor Tamer.

Kalimdor Tamer

So after getting the Outland series of Tamer quests, I was able to get Old Timer after capturing a Fel Flame in Shadowmoon Valley. I also wanted to get the Flayer Youngling last night but there were none around. However, I did manage to get one today as well as the other pets in Outland. This afternoon, I was happy to beat all the Outland tamers giving me Family Reunion from capturing the Sporeling Sprout plus Take Em’ All On!

Family Reunion

This left the Grand Master for Outland – Bloodknight Antari. You may remember me writing about this during the beta because he was one tough SoaB to beat. But I was finally victorious!

However, when I tried to battle him today, I was unable to. I kept getting the ‘Pet battle area is obstructed’ message which was a shame because I wanted to see how my current team would do compared to the specific team I levelled on the beta just for his team.

Bloodknight Antari

In the meantime, I logged onto different toons checking the status of several pets I didn’t have yet, inc. the Baby Ape which I’ve been checking for a while. I did manage to get the bog beast though and I was lucky to see one Tiny Twister and Minfernal the other night.

Later on I went back to Pandaria, managing to get another pet for the safari achievement and Zen Pet Hunter which was a nice surprise.

Zen Pet Hunter

Don’t you just love unexpected achievements?

I have to remember to keep an eye on my total pet count as I tried to capture a blue today only to realise I was already at my 500 cap… or talk to Cool for that matter as I may end up killing the pet rather than trying to capture =/

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