Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling

Today Coolidge surprised me with the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling – the new pet from engineering. He actually used his 6x trillium bars as well as two Spirits of Harmony to make the pet without even having his profession maxed yet! Not to worry though, I’ll be using my transmute CD to make Trillium > Living Steel for him to help with his levelling.

Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling

Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling

Isn’t he cute? I’m currently sitting at 307 unique pets.

Thx Cool <3

Mighty Roamin’ Krasaranger

Another day and another zone complete with Mighty Roamin’ Krasaranger under our belt. This was one of the few quests I did in the Wilds during the beta. It’s still one of my favourites so far.

Yi-Mo Longbrow

There’s also an interesting story concerning Sunwalker Dezco, just check out his twin sons (the other one is on his back). The eyes on the babies are so freaky though. I wonder what their story will be in the future…

Dezco babies

Setting off bomb



Roaming achievement

Before we left the area, I had a look at how much was left to explore as I generally like to see every nook and cranny. It turns out just a few of the islands were left so we headed over to the interesting frog hangout and this funny banana island which reminds me of one of the scenarios.

banana island

We dinged 88 just before we finished the zone and will be heading to Kun-Lai Summit tomorrow.

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