Wanderer’s Festival and Pets

Wanderer’s Festival and Pets

I only found out about the Wanderer’s Festival very late in the beta but I’m so glad I did because I really wanted to be there for the first one on live. It just so happened that we finished the Valley of the Four Winds earlier today so I was excited to be on and get the achievement and see the hatchling pets. Cool was even there to experience it with me.

Wanderer's Festival

There are never many hatchlings around and I was afraid that they’d all be gone very fast as a lot of people had arrived before the festival even started. So I did a trial run with one of the spiny terrapins in the area to see how hard the capture would be. It was a bad idea because my first two pets were not doing too well. Not that I thought they would primarily due to the level and I realised it was a bad idea because it was nearing 9pm as my battle ended.

I was worried that my pet rez would not be up in time for the 8min CD but as I came out of the match I had a 4min wait instead. So I carefully watched the time and stayed relatively close to the hatchling while I filled in the time with some fishing. As I counted down the last minute, I engaged the hatchling and set out to capture it – no matter what the quality. It turned out to be a common one but I was amazed to capture it before my first pet died. Unfortunately, the second pet in the opposing team finished off my first and second so I was worried about my third pet dying and losing my caged one in the process.

Luckily my frog kicked ass and I managed to win. :D Just check out the levels and state of my pets when the whole thing was over.

Pet Slots

Wanderer's Festival Hatchling

By the time I came out of my battle, everyone had left except for a lone fisherwoman. I noticed another festival hatchling close by so I attempted another capture. It turned out to be another common variety but sadly I lost the battle to the uncommon pet in the team.

The only thing I regret was the fact that Chen started singing when I went into the first battle so I missed pretty much all of his performance by the time I came out.

I’ve also been trying a number of Pet Battle addons over the last few days and there are a few that I love right now – PetJournal Enhanced, BattlePetCount and PetBattleQualityGlow.

Are there any ‘must haves’ for you?

Rally the Valley

One of the greatest things about this expansion is the amount of choice given towards different activities. It hasn’t quite been a week since release and I find myself wanting to pursue so many things. Part of the problem right now is that a lot of quest rewards are fun little items which take up quite a bit of bag room but with all the cooking items, fish, enchanting mats, fragments, etc. I find myself starting to struggle with room again. I love being able to summon the Guild bank every hour though, it’s not quite that bad but it helps.

Puntable Marmot

So today we managed to get the Guild to Rank 20. With the Renowned Guild Tabard being a pretty permanent fixture right now, the rep is coming in fast and furious which is great. At the moment, I’ve contributed 17,700,000 just on Cymre for this week alone. At this rate, we’ll be 25 in no time :)

One a more personal note, I reached a fantastic blog milestone earlier today – 100K views of all time. I was thinking that I might reach that number by the time my blogiversary rolled around but with the release of Mists it’s happened ahead of schedule. I’m still amazed by the amount of traffic over the last few days and especially the interaction of my readers and friends by way of comments so thanks :)

I was also excited to find and kill my first Champion on live granting the achievement – A Worthy Opponent. He didn’t drop his novelty item but is it me or do they seem easier to kill now? Unfortunately, I forgot to click off the Silverdragon pop-up before he died. What a great belly flop shot!

A Worthy Opponent

Later on, when I first found myself on the back of this eagle, I thought I was going on some sort of ride until Cool said I needed to kill it :P Careful though, as he tries to throw you off several times.


As part of Chen’s storyline, you meet Mugmud who helps you collect the ingredients for Chen’s beer.


Three Kegs

Beer Cart

Stormstout Brewery

Today we started with the Hidden Master chain. I had a great time doing this the first time around and was nice to see it hadn’t really changed much.

Hidden Master

As we worked our way accross the zone, there was only one chain that wasn’t automatically picked up through some type of breadcrumb quest. As I mentioned pretty early in the beta, Nesingwary (and the trolls) always make some form of appearance so I didn’t mind doing his quest chain. In fact, it was the last criteria I needed for the zone achievement.


Rally the Valley

Err, what the heck is that!


When I first saw the foxicopter, I thought it was some weird gimmicky thing until I found out that it was based on something in real life. That is just so wrong…

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