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Sapphire Cub-closeup

Sapphire Cub


Ah, the daily grind. I knew you could get the JC recipes from doing the Golden Lotus dailies but yesterday my persistence paid off when I found the Sapphire Cub design inside my Treasures of the Vale. After using all of my Spirits a few days ago, they’ve also been useful in my Secrets of the Stone discoveries. The only problem was the three Spirits of Harmony I used earlier that day as I didn’t think I’d be receiving the design quite so soon.

Last night, I set up my farm to produce 12 Motes of Harmony which was all that was missing to make it. To my surprise, I managed to get a Spirit of Harmony in my Treasures of the Vale today so I didn’t have to wait for tonight’s harvest after all. :)

I wasn’t sure what he looked like, so I was looking forward to making him.

Sapphire Cub-closeup

Isn’t he cute?

While each cub is crafted in the same fashion, tiny imperfections in the gemstones create a unique personality when imbued with life. They are, however, always playful and friendly.

Sapphire Cub

Pet no: 448

Be aware that it looks like a rare pet when you create it. Keep this in mind when you decide to purchase it from the AH. The pet can be any quality when you learn it – which kind of sucks when it uses 3x Spirits of Harmony. So far, I have made 2 and both have been ‘poor’ quality which appears to be the most common.

Due to a recent hotfix (11 Dec 2012) Mumper confirmed that all future crafted pets would be uncommon quality by default.

The Flawless Elemental Battle-Stone from the Sack of Pet Supplies may be used to upgrade your cub to a rare quality one. There’s  also a very small chance to obtain a general purpose Flawless Battle-Stone after winning a match against a wild pet while defeating higher level opponents increases the chances of obtaining a stone. Note that the latter are not soulbound and can be sold on the AH.

Early in the beta, I thought about taming one of the Skarr look-a-likes in The Jade Forest but when the game went live, I decided against it. Having my Sapphire Cub now though, I don’t feel the need for it’s larger jade cousin.

Endless Echoes Cave entrance

Old Man Thistle


Once you’re exalted with the Tillers and best friends with every member of the Tillers Union, you can kill an Enormous Cattail Grouper for a bonus quest. Killing one in Cattail Lake will drop an Old Map which you can hand into Fish Fellreed for more info. Just what I like – another treasure hunt.

Fish suggests talking to some of the residents in Halfhill about the clues and then meeting up with her again to pinpoint the location of the treasure. It appears to be in a cave nearby.

Endless Echoes Cave entrance

Endless Echoes Cave entrance

Spiders, why did it have to be spiders?

Even with a level 90 Echoweb Toxiclaw guarding the chest, he proved no match for Cymre Jones.

Treasure found

Treasure found

The best part is you get to keep Old Man Thistle’s Treasure which contains 100G as well as one of each blue quality gem and a primal diamond. After exiting the cave (hearthing is the cheapest option as the cave is blocked soon after you enter), you take Old Man Thistle’s Almanac to Seedkeeper Shing Sing at Halfhill which earns you the achievement Ain’t Lost No More.

Ain't Lost No More


The Anglers – Exalted


Here’s to another faction complete today with The Anglers knocked off the reputation grind. Getting exalted with Nat Pagle though will be another story. But with our brand new bartering perk, the Reins of the Azure Water Strider only cost 3500G.

The Anglers

Reins of the Azure Water Strider

Reins of the Azure Water Strider

Azure Water Strider

Mount special animation

Too bad you can’t fish while on the mount though, that would make some fishing holes just about perfect – although levitate comes close :)

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