Highlights of the Jade Forest

Yesterday Cool and I finished all the questlines in the Jade Forest earning us the Upjade Compete achievement. There were a lot of new things to see and old friends to visit but it was great to be able to play through the storylines finally. I must say that Blizzard really outdid themselves with the voices and music. It made us wonder how many people left the Jade Forest before they completed all their quest chains? I know a lot of people were itching to go to the new areas as soon as they hit 86 or received one of the breadcrumb quests but then you may have missed some of this…


The huge jade statue we were helping to rebuild ended up being decimated by the Sha of Doubt. Here we were at Cho’s Family Shrine on top of Serpent’s Overlook and we didn’t even reach his head.

Sha Yu'lon Yu'lon

Talk about flying in style… it’s not every day you get to fly into the Valley of the Four Winds on the back of such a majestic looking serpent.

We do plan on completing each zone fully before we head to the next area though or even venture into the dungeons so we can immerse ourselves in the rich story. Earlier today we completed the dungeon since we were officially done with the zone. Plus the Guild rep doesn’t hurt :)

Feral Battling

Phew! It’s been another productive day for me as I managed to max out my herbalism, which proved tricky in Kun-Lai Summit for an 85 druid with dodgy gear. Even though I started doing the quests in The Jade Forest just to upgrade my gear, it proved dicey at times. The herbs let me work on my Alchemy so that I could potentially discover the recipe to make the new diamonds for my last three points in JC. My scribe on the other hand, managed to max out her profession as well so I was able to make my two kite pets. :)

Chi-ji Kite

Chi-ji Kite

Yu'lon Kite

Yu’lon Kite

Woot for Jack of All Trades too! Talk about achievements galore. :D

After a lot of captures and achievements, as well as the starter battle quests for Eastern Kingdoms I completed the Big City Pet Brawlin’ – Alliance. By the end of the night, I also managed to get the Feral Vermling as a reward for completing the achievement Going to Need More Leashes.

Feral Vermling

Feral Vermling

By the way, if you’re short a pet or two from the achievement, don’t forget to buy the racial ones for each of your toons. I logged into my 48 worgen today to collect my Gilnean Raven from the trainer but the task turned out to be a lot harder than I anticipated. Her home is normally in Darnassus so I had to work out/remember how to get to Stormwind from there (while picking up some missing pets along the way through captures). The hardest part turned out to be physically getting to the Battle Trainer on the other side of the wall from the Harbour. After trying to run there from inside, I attempted to climb the mountain from the initial human starting area and swimming in the canal. But after what seemed like ages, I asked one of the guards so I could pinpoint her location on the map. From there it was a lot easier as I realised that she wasn’t as far out as I thought – I’m too used to flying to her which is much less annoying =/

I think I’m also up to 11 rare pets so far… I started out slow this time ’round but pretty soon I’ll be back where I was on the beta saying that I managed to defeat Aki the Chosen again. Now that’s a challenge! :P


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