First Impressions of Mists

It’s been a full day since the official release of Mists and I have to say, although this new continent is vibrant and the music is refreshingly different, the lag was very annoying. Other than that, I was happy to experience the otherwise seamless release that Blizzard had hoped for. The servers went live with the new content at 5pm server (local) time so it was a race to get your initial quests done – along with the rest of the CRZ players /sigh.

Originally, Cool and I had planned to do pet battles for the first night although as it got closer to 5pm, I made sure we had a few dailies to hand in once the clock ticked over. The extra bit of Guild rep was a nice bonus from the get-go so we headed off to Garrosh’s chamber to begin our journey out to Pandaria again.

I have to say that even though the The Jade Forest was the only zone I quested through, it was great to see the development of the terrain and quests to be able to say oh this bit is similar (without the bugs) and whoa, this is different! We tried to get out of the initial starting area ASAP so it helped that Cool had done the updated starter quests on one of his alts. I even saw a few familiar faces from my server.

bombing run
Luckily I’m not afraid of heights

Yesterday, I noticed that my blog stats had a rather large jump in views. The last time that happened, Wow Insider had linked my Pandaren Hunter Pets post via Twitter. When it happened again yesterday, I saw that the majority of referrals were coming from WoWWiki and my various Pet Battle posts. Today, I’ve had another milestone, with views already over 2.5K and rising so thanks to all my regular and new visitors. Hope you continue to find what you’re looking for.

So last night, I started my Pet Battle quest chain again as well as adding a number of new pets to my collection. It really feels like my achievement queen is back again. According to my achievement sheet, I’ve racked up 21/81 of the achievements already. Although I did cage quite a few multiples but they aren’t in my bag. Odd!

The rest of the evening was going to be spent cloth farming so I could work on my Tailoring but in the end I took my miner out there to get my first Zen Master achievement. That almost brought me up to 600 in JC which I hope to get tonight. While I was mining, I attempted to see if it was possible to do the achievement to re-enact the scene in the cinematic but I wasn’t sure if you could reach that spot by foot. I was excited to see we could so we both managed to get the achievement late last night, marking it as the first official day! :)

Some highlights from our questing:

Boiling Cauldron
It was great to experience some new quests

Although I did see something that had me a little baffled…

flying disc or ufo?
Socks trinket
Meet Socks the Jade Raccoon

For those having major trouble with lag, try changing your video setting from Ultra > Good. After the ‘pink boxes’ bug in the early beta, that’s the setting I ran with from that day forward. At least it should help until things die down a bit.

Here’s to my 500th post :)

So how was your first day?


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September 26, 2012 at 9:39 pm

Thanks, I’ll have to try changing the video setting. It was an excellent first day! Had some weird things happening in chat. If someone said something in general it was repeated six times, kind of like an echo, lol, but other than that and some lag, wonderful!

September 26, 2012 at 10:58 pm

Grats on the blog popularity, it’s well deserved!
lol the lag, it’ll surely settle down in a day or two.

September 28, 2012 at 3:08 am

Grats on the pageviews! Your pet battle guides are great (and I am looking at them properly now that Mists is live and I stopped my anti beta reading)

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