Laid Back and Then Some

Last weekend I headed back into ICC25 for the latest LBR. It started off shakily as Coolidge had issues with his connection but there were quite a few who had technical issues by the end of it. I didn’t expect so many new faces but I was excited to see the ones I’ve known for almost a year now.

Lady D - Cool gnome

Wait, what’s a gnome doing here?

At least I managed to get a shot of Coolidge before we lost him for the rest of the raid.

No shortage of CC’s, that’s for sure

Draynee and Me

Draynee commented on how much she liked my hairstyle

Before entering the Blood Queens room, it was hard to miss this bug. The hatch was missing (at least visually) as no one fell through but it sure looked odd.

I didn’t expect to get this one as there were quite a few I was missing but it was a surprise none-the-less, esp. since I was iced at the time. Bittersweet though as Coolidge wasn’t there to share it with me.


Akabeko, Draynee, myself and Navimie


The wait… including Arv

Here we were waiting on the LK platform before we called it since we lost about half the members due to sleep or server issues.


The other day I wrote about some new legwarmers I found in Mists. Now I know I should have thought of this having a background in dance but it wasn’t until Arvash mentioned creating a Flashdance mog that I thought, I should! I’ll just add it to my other Famous characters.

My items are fairly limited on the beta but I went with what I had in my bank, short of farming another top I wanted to use. Unfortunately, the quality is dodgy even when set to ultra, but you get the jist.


But then how can I post this without including Irene Cara’s great video… I grew up with this movie :)

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