Theramore’s Fall Gear

Theramore’s Fall Gear

Here are the items I’ve accumulated from the 85 scenario. After 25 attempts, I have all four caster items on my priest.

Head: Rok’nah Hag’s Hat
Shoulder: Abjurer’s Mantle
Chest: Anacondra’s Robe
Belt: Elegant Belt
Gloves: Mooncloth Gloves
Feet: Curate’s Boots
Weapon: Key to the Planes

Archmage's Staff

Archmage’s Staff

Shoulder: Mantle of the Oracle
Chest: Vestments of the Oracle
Belt: Councillor’s Sash
Gloves: Gloves of the Messiah
Feet: Footwraps of the Oracle
Weapon: Archmage’s Staff

I thought the staff was a nice addition to the set I was already wearing.

Shoulder: Wrap of the Valley Glades
Chest: Rift Stalker Hauberk
Belt: Tol-Vir Hereditary Girdle
Gloves: Lightning-Charged Gloves
Legs: Lightning-Charged Legguards
Feet: Captain’s Boots
Weapon: Marine’s Rifle

This is also the set I’m wearing on my hunter right now.

Pirate Day

Shiver me timbers, it’s International Pirate Day again!

Talking to one of the commoners around the major cities will give you a 1hr buff to look like a pirate or head to Booty Bay to talk to Dread Captain DeMeza for a 12hr pirate buff. The effect lasts through death but as usual, you’ll lose it through shapeshifting. Also, if you have a drink with her, you’ll get the achievement The Captain’s Booty (if you don’t have it already).

But don’t worry, if you’re hated with Booty Bay you can still get the buff and achievement because the NPCs aren’t associated with that faction.

Pirate Day-12

Pirate Day 2012

Ere “Smoke ‘em if yew got ‘em, matey!” year, Coolidge an’ I head t’ Booty Bay t’ became honorary Pirates fer a day. A few years ago, we carbunculously even made th’ trek on our Taurens at th’ time. Great Neptune’s Man Nipples!!! There’s just someth’n bout see’n two cows in Pirate garb that looks more… interest’n. Maybe “Bilge-Sucking Scum!” it’s Tallys’ seductive tail or Huga’s handlebar horns…

Pirate Day 2010

“Aarrr! She’s a buxom beauty. Win the heart of that fair maiden by offering ‘er a stroke of ye parrot!”

Pirate Day

Pirate Day 2010

Wear ye best breeches and ye’ll shine like stars over the seven seas! Here are the mogs and RP sets I’ve come up with over the past year.

Alliance Pirate

Alliance Pirate – Freestyle entry in the Mogolympics


Bloodsail Admiral sets

So what’s your favourite way to celebrate?

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