A surprising thing happened when I killed one of the Pandarian Champions today. I had my first epic drop but that wasn’t the most interesting thing about it. Not only was it a cloth piece, it was a pair of pants (which I didn’t think much of at the time since my gear is higher) but since I am a mogaholic, I decided to preview them on my character.

Courinth Waterstrider's Silken Finery


It seems there’s a new alternative to the Black Mageweave Leggings and the Ancestral Woollies (plus look-alikes) of Azeroth.

Personally I don’t really like either of the commonly used choices, although I have been known to use them on occasion. Most recently, I used a variation as you’ll see from one of my previous designs.

To be sure though, I wanted to see if these legwarmers would actually achieve what our Armed and Dangerous cloth-wearing toons have waited so long for.

Could we wear these without breaking the seam line of our beloved Princess Leia dresses?

So I collected what I needed from the bank to find out one way or another, using the older models for comparison:

black mageweave

Black Mageweave Leggings

Barbaric Loincloth

Barbaric Loincloth

Courinth Waterstrider’s Silken Finery

Sadly, they’re not quite seemless but it’s really up to you which you’d like to use.

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