Terracotta Fragment

The Terracotta Fragment has a chance to drop from Jonn-Dar, one of the Pandarian Champions. The item summons a warrior who will fight for you for 10 minutes. He seems to have three abilities:

Terracotta Warrior

Interestingly enough, he appears to match your level since the rare was only 86 but he was 90 when I summoned him. So I tested him out on a few mobs.

Terracotta Warrior-damage

Great for soloing

Terracotta Warrior-heal

You can even heal him

Terracotta Warrior-engage

I headed to the Heartland for more of a challenge

Terracotta Warrior-turnip

Although he didn’t like this Stinky Turnip much

Terracotta Warrior-dead

10mins later he just plops over and dies

He’s easily one of my favourite drops from the champions, even though you need to equip the item.

Best Friend Status

There are lots of perks when you become ‘Best Friends’ with various members of The Tillers. I previously wrote about Sho and Old Hillpaw. Today, I’m going to show you the last seven additions you can add to your farm if you reach the same level of friendship.

Tillers mailbox

Gina Mudclaw – who wouldn’t want their own mailbox?

Tina Mudclaw - Home furnashings (inc stove)

Tina Mudclaw – Home furnishings (inc stove)

Ella - Luna

Ella – Luna

Tillers Shaggy

Farmer Fung – Shaggy

Haohan Mudlcaw - Miss Fifi

Haohan Mudlcaw – Miss Fifi

Fish Fellreed - Pigs

Fish Fellreed – Pigs

Chee Chee - Farm sheep

Chee Chee – Farm sheep

Jogu the Drunk

Jogu the Drunk – free farming tips and resides in your pond if you talk to him

When you’re halfway through revered with The Tillers, a quest will pop up called Lost and Lonely. Head towards the southern fields of the Heartland and look for a small group of boulders surrounding a dog. Once you’ve completed the quest, you’ll see that he comes to live with you on your farm.

Naughty dog digging under the house

Naughty dog digging under the house

Set the Oven to Cataclysmic

I’ve been working pretty furiously trying to get this achievement over the past week or so. Well, more like I’ve been buying all the reasonably priced cataclysm food to contribute to the quota. :P

Tonight, I finally did it!

Set the Oven to "Cataclysmic

Set the Oven to "Cataclysmic achievement

Although I already had the recipe in my collection, I saw we were about 500 off from getting this done so there’s one less achievement to worry about. :)

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