Noooo…. my robe is no longer my robe. I now match my Armoury pic which showed the starter quest robe in Pandaria as my chestpiece. I hoped this was a bug and not an intended change but it appears my fear has been confirmed. Robes of Koegler no longer appears as it did :(

So as I look back through my screenshots, I’ll take a moment to remember what was for the two weeks I had it. This is how my transmog set developed over its short existence.

Robes of Koegler-cakestand

Darkmoon Faire Cake Display

Robes of Koegler-Netherstorm


Celestial Dragon-play

First Transmog set


Second Transmog set

The above pic was taken only yesterday. Imagine my surprise though when I logged in to see the robe below on my character select screen.

Robes change


Ah well, it was nice while it lasted…