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Yesterday was my first raid in months. So I was already feeling somewhat wary with the new patch changes and stories I’d heard about LFR lately. I was hoping to go and to have a shot at the offhand off Ultra although with the new loot system I only managed to grab some gold. Ok, so there’s my repair money.

Have you noticed the maps inside DS? I’m not sure if it was always like this but Cool alerted me to the fact yesterday after our Warmaster kill.

Skyfire Airship


I was normally allocating the loot, updating reports and skipping the cutscenes during our G raids so I never noticed these screens before. Aren’t they nifty?

We cut it very fine on Spine but managed to get it. However, Madness was another story. Geez, talk about a lot of premature starts. Turns out the same person was starting the event when we were in the process of replacing people and waiting for others to zone in after wiping. At one stage, Cool and I jumped off the platform to try and wipe it early since we didn’t have a full group anyway. For most of the attempts we had 5 priest healers and one druid. When we finally kicked the DK for starting the event over and over we gave it one more shot before we left the raid with no Madness kill.

Still, it was… an experience – trying out the raid post patch and I did want to try out the new loot system as well as my talents in a raid. I must say I’m loving my 1min Mindbender and good use of SS, esp when you know the fight and can anticipate the incoming damage. This will be one of our most powerful tools in Mists, not to mention any number of heals we have to complement the shell.

Disc is moving back to where we shine in the game – in absorptions and allowing us to give a preemptive response against incoming damage. In the words of Anakin “I’m loving it

Author: Cymre

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  1. I’ve been having the same problem with LFR and people starting the fight before everyone is ready, or even there for that matter. Especially on the PTR LFR. Us Shadowy types are loving the Mindbender too. He adds a nice little chunk of DPS to us.

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  2. I only just ventured in to take Hyad and it was painful. I would have to try again later to see if I can get him that Deathwing kill.

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  3. And I’m glad you’re loving Disc post patch :) I hear Disc priests are totally awesome :D

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  4. I’ve been loving disc as well since the changes but then again I think it has been doing well since we reached higher gear levels. I joke that around 380 seems to be the mark were I felt like I went from I think I can heal this to I know I can heal this. I have been pulling amazing numbers, even had a few over 80K eHPS fights since patch. I am sure it has to be a bug or I am getting really lucky.

    I’ve noticed that since the patch DW is seemingly harder than it was for some reason. If you are up for a challenge in LFR, do the first half. OMG they broke something. Morchoks stomps hit everyone in the raid for 100K+ and if people do not stand directly on bubbles it is instant death. Normal was never that bad. Now try doing it with pugs that have gotten so used to ignoring all mechanics because “its only looking for raid”. A friend wiped 7 times on it before giving up.

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  5. I had wondered how Disc was playing out since the patch. I haven’t used my priest very much, and most of it has been shadow as her gear kinda sucks since I don’t play her much. (Endless cycle!! LOL!) I don’t think I’ve even set her talents on the Disc spec yet! /shame

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