There are a number of wild pets which are seasonal, weather or time-dependant, so if you’re looking to add them all to your collection, this should help.

These are all the ones listed under the Pet Journal which specify the conditions needed to spawn.

Arctic Fox Kit

The Storm Peaks – snowing

Baby Ape

Jaguero Isle, The Cape of Stranglethorn – raining

Qiraji Guardling

The Scarab Wall and The Scarab Dais, Silithus – Summer (21 June)

Restless Shadeling

Cellar, Deadwind Pass – Midnight

Stone Armadillo

Desolace – night

Widow Spiderling

Duskwood – night

Silithid Hatchling

Tanaris – sandstorm

Snowy Owl

Winterspring – Winter

Wanderer's Festival Hatchling

Turtle Beach, Krasarang Wilds – Sun – 9pm-midnight