Pirates and Rares

Pirates and Rares

It’s amazing how fast you can become exalted with the Guild now. Remember when you would create a character and quest hand-ins would only be worth 1 or 2 rep? Fast forward to where we are now and any quest or daily now gives you 367 rep with the Guild (with the Renowned Guild Tabard) or 183 without tabard.

Seriously! You can get exalted with the Guild in a day which is the equivalent of 20 or so levels as Cool found out yesterday. This is great news for our alts who were unguilded for about a month after our Guild collapse earlier in the year.

But today, there was more questing and Glyph of Disguise fun on our rogues.

Dread pirate

Captain Dreadbeard of the Southsea Pirates

I can’t help think of the Dread Pirate Roberts when I see this guy. It was fun to be him even for a minute or so.

Southsea Strongarm

Look away now, Cat!

But then look at these guys… body tats and everything.

Southsea Strongarm

Go on, show us your dance moves

Say again?

I couldn’t believe this was in the AH earlier but it’s hard to ignore the upgrade it gave me, even with the name it had :P

If Cymre were here, I think she’d want to light it up…

We managed to catch a handful of rares today, which gave us a nice XP boost. Before we left, we headed over to Land’s End Beach to see if our eccentric rare was there. He was!

My Name's Fronkle

My Name's Fronkle

It didn’t end too favourably for him though, which isn’t surprising after our last visit.

Honoured with the Guild already, exalted here I come :)

By the way, the changes to poles are now live too… enjoy!

Wild Pets of the Vale

Wild Pets of the Vale

Wild Pets can be found throughout each continent, some being more rare than others. To collect one, you’ll need to engage it in battle with one of your current pets, successfully capture it and win the battle if there are more than one to a team.

Here are just some of the unique wild pets for the Vale of Eternal Blossoms as well as the Battle Trainers.

Battle Pet Trainer found at the top of the Shrine of Two Moons

Battle Trainer-A

Battle Pet Trainer found at the top of the Shrine of Seven Stars

Eternal Strider

Effervescent Glowfly

Gilded Moth

Golden Civet

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