Mogolympics Concludes

The final week of Mogolympics arrived with our last three medal events – Equestrian, Freestyle and Fencing.

The criteria:

  • Equestrian – Build an outfit to compliment one of the horse mounts in the game. (Faction limitations apply, so no Orcs on a Stormwind pony)
  • Fencing – Time for some swordplay. Build your best outfit around the 1h sword of your choice.
  • Freestyle – Build your own NPC.

(Death Knight Plate)
Head: Conqueror’s Darkruned Helmet
Shoulder: Sanctified Scourgelord Shoulderplates
Chest: Conqueror’s Darkruned Battleplate
Belt: Belt of Absolute Zero
Legs: Legplates of the Violet Champion
Boots: Boots of the Funeral March
Gloves: Bladebreaker Gauntlets
Horse: Acherus Deathcharger

I was going to do a whole Headless Horseman theme at first but in the end, it looked more like a death knight than anything else.

(Alliance Plate)
Head: Steel Plate Helm
Shoulder: Imbued Plate Pauldrons
Chest: Glowing Breastplate of Truth
Belt: Girdle of the Righteous Path
Legs: Handcrafted Mastersmith Leggings
Boots: Life Force Chargers
Gloves: Flash Freeze Gauntlets
Sword: Windforged Rapier

This was a cross between my jouster and fencing idea. I was going to have the jouster theme as the equestrian entry but it wouldn’t make sense to be holding a weapon so this is what I ended up with.

Alliance Pirate
(Alliance Leather)
Head: Rifle Commander’s Eyepatch
Shoulder: Desecreated Shoulderguards
Chest: Cuirass of Calamitous Fate
Belt: Girdle of Lenience
Legs: Leggings of the Broken Beast
Boots: Sandals of Corrupted Water
Gloves: Marshseeker Gloves
Main Hand: Corpseweed Sickle

I always loved the look of the Alliance corset but since it’s also leather, there’s even less of a chance to see it on my Priest so even though I submitted my entry on a female Draenei, I’ve given myself some creative licence and showcased my entry using Cymre as the model :)

Stay tuned for the Closing Ceremony in (hopefully) a days time.

I also posted this just in time for my Round Table appearance in half an hour. Maybe I’ll see you there :)

BTW, there is now a Mogolympics website. Check out the post that features all my outfits and scores.

Serpent Rider

Today I managed to get exalted with the Order of the Cloud Serpent. It wasn’t a terribly long grind as the dailies were quite varied and you can always hand in the Onyx eggs for extra rep.

Exalted - Order of the Cloud Serpent

As soon as you accept this quest, a cutscene begins.

Cloud Serpent cutscene

Today your journey toward the Order of the Cloud Serpent ends. Today, a new rider joins our ranks.

Through thunder and storm we fly together.

Through sea and sky, we fly together.

Through wind and tide, we fly together.

Today, you forge an eternal bond with your cloud serpent.

Fly together with honour and courage. Now… rise as a serpent rider!

As you can see, you finally get the serpent you spent all that time raising. The Quartermaster will also offer the other two colours to buy, as well as the tabard.

Azure serpent

Golden serpent

Jade serpent

The one I was the most excited about riding though was the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent which is freely available to players on the beta. The mount however, drops from Alani.

Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent

Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent

Interesting enough, you need to be exalted with the Order before you can ride her. Talk about a gorgeous mount.

But that’s not all!

At exalted, you have the ability to capture the wild cloud serpent hatchlings around the Arboretum for Pet Battling.

Wild Crimson Hatchling

Wild Golden Hatchling

Wild Jade Hatchling

Oh and the other reason for me to get exalted is the fact that this faction holds all five JC recipes for the Panthers.

Now to get some sleep before my Round Table tomorrow. :)

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