Glyph of Disguise

Yesterday I was playing around on my rogue doing a bit of questing and pick-pocketing (mainly because of the new Glyph of Disguise). Here are some of the transformations.

Goblin Pirate
Dark Iron Dwarf
Sea scavenger
Evil Dolly
Lily Landlubber

But this is definitely my favourite.

Southsea Strongarm

The day ended with a trip into the new Scholo dungeon. This one’s for Tome. The next time you’re in there, check out the paintings – their eyes follow you around. I noticed this one first but others seem to do the same thing. Is it me or does she look buggy-eyed… Hmm, might need to do another post to knock it off first spot :P

Scholo painting

TNB Round Table

Last night, Hydra invited me to be on the Twisted Nether Blogcast again for this Sunday’s Round Table concerning Patch 5.0.4. It will start at 8pm PST (or 1pm AEST on Mon) so I hope to see a familiar name or two. Stoppableforce, Serenitysaz and Jedsblog will also be there so it’s sure to be a good one. I’ll have to see if Hydra mispronounces my name again :P

To participate in the live show, just go to the TNB Live Show page or the Ustream page. Too easy!

On a side note, around the same time I had lost access to my blog email account at Gmail due to ‘suspicious behaviour’. Not sure what kind that was but I did manage to get back in later that night.

Discussion topics on the day:

Stuff in 5.0.4
Account Wide Achievements, pets and mounts
AoE Looting
New Talents
Profession Changes (really only glyphs)
Changed old Instances
Zone merge
Time Zone (Event time vs. PST. )
Queue for PVP and PVE

Item Changes
Spell Penetration -> PvP Power
No head Enchants…
No Relics, ranged and thrown
No minimum range

UI Changes
Mounts Pets
Buffs consolidation
Loot results frame
Vendor Filtering
Spellbook changes
Dungeon Journal?

No wonder it was over 3 hours :P

Wild Pets of Townlong Steppes

Wild Pets can be found throughout each continent, some being more rare than others. To collect one, you’ll need to engage it in battle with one of your current pets, successfully capture it and win the battle if there are more than one to a team.

Here are just some of the unique wild pets for Townlong Steppes.

Amber Moth

Clouded Hedgehog

Grassland Hopper

Kuitan Mongoose


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