Ok well, I guess it’s not good to feel too cocky when going into a low level dungeon. After yesterday’s fiasco, I wasn’t even going to mention the Reinforced Targets in Scarlet Halls except that Cool make a passing remark about them which made me play coy. When we got to Houndmaster Braun I decided to go ahead and clear the path while Cool went ahead and finished the boss. Only about a second after I ran to the wall of men guarding the doorway, I was dead.

I wasn’t sure what had killed me at first, I mean it was a small group of level 21-22′s. But just look at the combat log :P

Boo-boo two

I think the numbers speak for themselves. OUCH!

So take it from me and don’t try and run ahead. When the boss dies, they pretty much disappear.

The rest of the instance was pretty non-eventful, except for the loot I managed to get. It was the reason we were there in the first place.

Obediant Hounds

Thx Cool for the idea. You really changed my melancholic mood from last night <3