Poles Are Overrated

An interesting thing happened tonight when I was doing my Anglers dailies. I went to lure the mob by fishing in the mysterious whirlpool, similar to fishing up the Lurker in SSC. Only when I went to switch the main/off-hand with the pole, I already had my weapons on. Now that was odd! Did I really just fish without a pole? So I tested this by continuing to fish without a pole finishing my dailes. I figured that maybe it was some sort of buff since I was doing my fishing dailies but I didn’t see anything to suggest this – except for the casting buff for the bobber.

No pole

Fishing with no pole equipped for my dailies

Once I handed all my dailies in, I went to my usual fishing spot at Anglers Wharf to see if I could still fish without a pole. Indeed I could.

No pole or dailies

After my dailies I could still fish without a pole

Although Cymre has maxed out on her fishing, I tested the same thing on my Hunter who still at 525 fishing skill. Apart from adding the fishing icon to her bar, she could also fish without a pole.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Author: Cymre

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  1. I did notice it a few days ago. Its going along with the idea that you don’t really need ‘tools’ to use gathering professions. The spade, mining pick, & skinning knife add +10 to the skill, though.

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    • @DarQuing – Is that what it is? It’s an interesting change and would save some bag space :P

      @Tome – I agree :)

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  2. I agree with Coolidge, I could use all the space I can get!

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  3. But I like using my fishing pole! Though wouldn’t it be cool if it was bugged and you were using your staff to fish.

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  4. As in the graphic of your weapon as the fishing pole.

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    • @Cool/Arv – Boys and their bag room /sheesh!

      @Navi – I do too but I can get used to having a few more spaces too. My fishing outfit will end up being a RP one.

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  5. I actually like this much more than any of the fishing rods I’ve acquired!

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  6. Nice! I like my fishing pole, but this comes in handy for those times when I’m out and about and have forgotten my pole..

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