Boo-Boo in Scarlet Halls

Along the same lines as Where not to go if you’re Horde, here’s a boo-boo moment from Scarlet Halls, one of the new dungeons on live. On Heroic, you need to use one of the Reinforced Archery Targets to protect yourself from the Archer’s assaults while avoiding the fire damage on the ground.

Today, Cool and I headed in there again. I thought I’d pick up one of the targets for fun, since the last time I just hid behind his. Little did we realise that once Cool had killed Commander Lindon before I got to him with the target, I would be stuck carrying the damn thing (that slows down your movement speed by 50% btw) for the rest of the instance… sigh.

Reinforced Target



I did try relogging and getting into combat but because he was already dead, I really was screwed!

So I told him to go on ahead and I would catch up. He did wait for me before each boss though and even though you are technically silenced (so no casting of spells to try and drop the target), I could pick up the bundles of gold on the ground when the Scarlet Treasurers died. I was excited for a second when the target disappeared when I bent down to loot but then it reappeared =/ I almost left the dungeon to get rid of the thing but Cool convinced me to finish it with him. I did get a couple of nice transmog items though – Scarlet Sandals and a cloth belt :)

Flameweaver Koegler-dead

By the time he had killed the last boss, we ran all the way back through the instance so I could port out. What I didn’t realise by the time we made it back to Lindon’s courtyard was that Cool had grabbed one of the shields too. It was such a sweet moment but I think the least he could do :P

Two targets

Woot! A new achievement. I feel so behind but you do what you can when you don’t have a guild to help. Maybe people will reciprocate one of these days…

Imperial Quilen and Lucky Quilen Cub

After buying my Fox Kit earlier, I was happy to see that my Imperial Quilen and Lucky Quilen Cub were waiting for me to collect from the mail. Not to mention the three new achievements after logging in – 5000 Daily Quests complete, Collector’s Edition: Lucky Quilen Cub and Collector’s Edition: Imperial Quilen  :D

Ah achievements, how I’ve missed you…

Quilen set

Imperial Quilen

As you can see he does scale with your riding skill.

But how adorable is the lucky cub? :P

This makes pet no. 187 and mount no. 141.

Fox Kit

Patch 5.0.4 is live. So what’s the first thing I did when I logged in today?

Port to Tol Barad and buy my Fox Kit :D

Don’t worry little guy, no-one will be slaughtering your kind any more. But I’ll go and add your cousin to my collection very soon to keep you company.

Fox Kit

Fox Kit-dance

See how happy he is? He hasn’t stopped dancing since I told him.

But in case you’ve been living under a rock, it was announced a while ago that you’d be able to buy the pet when the patch hit. All you needed were 200 TB commendations and exalted rep with the faction.

Fox Kit-vendor

Happy Dance!

Poles Are Overrated

An interesting thing happened tonight when I was doing my Anglers dailies. I went to lure the mob by fishing in the mysterious whirlpool, similar to fishing up the Lurker in SSC. Only when I went to switch the main/off-hand with the pole, I already had my weapons on. Now that was odd! Did I really just fish without a pole? So I tested this by continuing to fish without a pole finishing my dailes. I figured that maybe it was some sort of buff since I was doing my fishing dailies but I didn’t see anything to suggest this – except for the casting buff for the bobber.

No pole

Fishing with no pole equipped for my dailies

Once I handed all my dailies in, I went to my usual fishing spot at Anglers Wharf to see if I could still fish without a pole. Indeed I could.

No pole or dailies

After my dailies I could still fish without a pole

Although Cymre has maxed out on her fishing, I tested the same thing on my Hunter who still at 525 fishing skill. Apart from adding the fishing icon to her bar, she could also fish without a pole.

Has anyone else noticed this?

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