Beta Highlights

It was a pretty productive weekend on the Beta, with not much happening on live, I can only farm SM so much. We were able to get exalted with The Lorewalkers, as well as catch a lot of the Champions in Dread Wastes and Townlong Steppes.

The Yowler

Talk about being a hoarder

Cool and I also experimented with a faction change – can’t remember how long it lasted but it seemed like AGES! I had The Lorewalkers post all set to go except for a few pics I couldn’t take until I managed to change myself into a BE again. Unfortunately, the ability to do so took a while to come back up.

Last night, I finally managed to see the option next to Cym’s name and was so excited I did the faction > race > customisation changes but when I went to confirm the changes, it said I was over the Gold limit. ARG! So I logged in and sure enough I was 1K over the 50K mark. Trying to decide how to dispose of the extra money, I almost chucked it using the ‘amount to pick-up’ feature but I thought that was just a waste – even though it’s beta. I was thinking of flying to a vendor and buying a lot of crap (like the starter sets for example) but you can’t DE them so I thought I’d have a look at the AH.

The prices there are super inflated but I figured I just need to get something around 1.5-2K. After a couple of antsy minutes, I ended up buying 2 pets which were 1K each. Even though I had them both, they were the closest to what I could get without being over 50K. So after emptying my mail and relearning the pets, I excitedly logged out.

But the faction change was no longer there.

I felt deflated.

So I tried logging in and out to other toons hoping it would pop up again. The randomiser did its thing but not for my main again last night. I went to bed.

Today, I logged in and the option still wasn’t up… until some time later. I was so happy and knew I was still under the 50K limit. SUCCESS!

I feel right again. Free to take pics without feeling odd.


Wearing Mozu’s Robe with my new pet Grinder

Both items drop from Karr the Darkener in the Dread Wastes.

I must say that I’m loving all the profession type dailies and I’ve even started doing the initial farming quests on my alts to help out with ingredients for my priest.

My farm

Still no luck with the pet though, even after all the farming hints.

The other day, I decided to start the grind for the Order of the Cloud Serpent. I chose the blue hatchling after a choice of three colours – gold and green being the other two. Come live, I might actually choose the gold one but we’ll see.

Blue serpent hatchling

I particularly like the fact that the Cloud serpent dailies will give me meat and fish for my Tillers hand-ins and the cloth I pick up from mobs can be used for hatchling bandages. High Five to Blizzard for giving us such varied dailies of which there’s no limit cap and the materials are able to be used in multiple ways.

This definitely seems a lot less wasteful.

The Lorewalkers

Yesterday I managed to get exalted with The Lorewalkers. A faction which doesn’t require a lot of grinding, hand-ins or dailies. In fact, it’s possible to get exalted within a couple of hours if you know where to look. You’ll find statues, relics and scrolls all over Pandaria which are story based. Interacting with each one will give you cumulative credit for the achievements.

Seven Burdens

The ten achievements are as follows:

Completing them all will easily get you to revered and activate a quest (which you collect from the mail). Each quest may be handed in to Loremaster Cho at the Seat of Knowledge for some added reputation, as well as a cutscene which plays out each relevant storyline – each an important part of Pandaria’s history. For this reason, you’ll need to be level 90 to gain access to the NPC via flying.




To see more of the highlights, you can view them from my facebook page.

At exalted, you’ll be able to purchase the Quartermaster’s goods which are the Disc of the Red Flying Cloud, as well as the Lorewalkers Tabard, Lorewalker’s Lodestone and the Lorewalker’s Map.

Lorewalkers tabard

Red Cloud-Org

Red cloud-Dawn

Red flying cloud

Not bad for a few hours work :P

This is the best achievement run I’ve had for five months. I just need to do this on live. I can’t wait! :D

Dread Wastes Champions

Pandaren Champions may drop a satchel (containing linens, jewels or skins), a piece of armour as well as a special item.

Check out more about the Hozen beach ball.

Nalash Verdantis

Drop – Hollow Reed

Omnis Grinlok

Drop – Golden Fleece

Pst, Cat Someone Wants To Meet You

After the earlier shenanigans related to the Mogolympics committee, I mentioned the scandal to some of the folks in the Shrine of the Seven Stars – the Alliance city in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. However, one in particular showed a great deal of interest and wanted to know more. So I told him to go and read Mogolympics Scandal, Judge Tampering? but he said “No. I want to know more about that Druid”.

When he wasn’t looking, I quickly took a shot of him so Cat could get a closer look.

Brad Rhodes

What do you think Cat?

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