Tonight my scarlet set farming continued. Last time, I managed to get the pants, gloves, bracers, shoulders, helm (and dog whistle – which was a nice touch). Today I set out to get the chest, tabard and boots. As you can see, I managed to get the tabard and Ravager, as well as the belt. Hopefully, I can get the last two pieces sooner rather than… never.

Scarlet set

I’m not entirely happy with the boots as I don’t normally go for such bulky items. But I’ll be keeping an eye on the AH for the remaining pieces.

Wish me luck…

Speaking of my Hunter, she’s currently a Blood Elf on the beta and has two new pets to show for it – she’s still 85 :P

Orange cat

Black cat

Aren’t they sexy looking beasts?

I was hoping to get the white one too as I think that’s my favourite colour but they come at a higher level so that will have to wait.