Visit to Dath and Fizzcrank

On Saturday morning, Navi woke me up to tell me that someone had come for a visit on our server and would like to see me. When I asked who it was, I had a few names pop through my head but was pleasantly surprised to hear it was Ironyca. As soon as I had logged in I was invited to group. First thing we did was go for a ride, giving Ironyca an aerial view of The Barrens and Mulgore heading towards the junction where you can see critters at war. But this didn’t prove to be a very nice spot for any pictures so we headed over to the nearby abandoned tauren camp above Red Rocks.

Soon after this shot Navi (played by her daughter) started hiding in the bushes

It was nice to see a familiar blogger in the pixel, especially when it was on our own home server. Although this was not a first for Ironyca, she came here several months ago for my Birthday. Well, not really for that reason, as the Dath’remar fashion show happened to fall on the same night.

Navi had to leave due to a prior engagement but Ironyca and I had a nice chat about blog posts, screenshots and transmog. Not really surprising that mogging would come up as a subject, right?

My Cymre Jones outfit

The next morning, while reading Kamalia’s blog I saw that she had been asked to be a guest judge on Fizzcrank, a US server. It just so happened that the show was going on at about the same time so I took a chance and made a toon on that server. Creating a gnome, I began my journey sending Kamalia a pst on the way there. Seems they were just entering Round Two which meant selecting the Top 10. I also made sure I whispered Ironyca as it was something I wanted to do last time but didn’t want to intrude with the proceedings. Meanwhile, on my side and two deaths later… I ran as fast as my little legs could take me – over to Cathedral Square. Just as I entered the cathedral, I could already see the chat going on as Elvine announced a winner. Then as soon as I entered the main Hall, I heard Noelani on the stream say: “…and hello Cymre.” :)

Three of the winners – Pixiefied – Shivara – Peak

I must say that I’m not used to being so low to the ground as a gnome. It was pretty crazy in there, with all these giants running around. It was interesting being on the other side of it though, not competing or judging, I could just take my time and have a look at the contestants. Be sure to check out Kamalia’s follow-up post though as it was great to be able to see what I missed at the time.


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August 13, 2012 at 10:17 pm

I so wanted to make it to Fizzcrank for the show but guests didn’t leave until 10:00. I’ll have to go read the follow-up. Glad you got to make it!

August 13, 2012 at 11:21 pm

I just love watching those tranmog events on Twitch. So many people with such great imagination when it comes to what goes well together. And the crowds and the noise! It really makes the
Multi player part of this game come alive!

August 14, 2012 at 8:28 am

It was great seeing you at Dath’Remar again. It was early in the morning for you guys, so when Navimie said she would call you, I was scared you’d be annoyed to be woken up by some silly European coming to say hi. We had a great chat, I got to see some of your outfits, it was really nice.

It was also nice of you to drop by at Fizzcrank and even as a gnome! There are many times I’ve wanted to show up as a gnome at the events too, but they are, as you remark, very short and I am responsible for the screenshots so I have to make sure I get the best picture I can get.
I’ve been going as Draenei a few times, but they are too tall, even when I sit to take a photo of a gnome, they are too high, so this time I let myself be inspired by Kamalia and made a male dwarf and he had the perfect height for taking pictures :D

August 14, 2012 at 4:18 pm

I knew you wouldn’t be mad for me (well not TERRIBLY mad) waking you up because you was so bummed you didn’t get to talk to Ironyca last time. Besides, it’s IRONYCA!! /squeeee

That’s so cool that you got to see that WoW factor show – Maybe one day you can be a guest judge on it too!

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